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Poquoson is a great, community-oriented school that encompasses a true feeling of support for one another. The school has a high level of school spirit, especially in athletics and during spirit weeks throughout the year. In addition, the faculty and administration is always supportive of the student body and play a key role in the overall positive atmosphere of the building. However, the school as a whole is out dated and not adequately fit to provide a high level of education. The technology is not up to standard with the ever-evolving capabilities of today's software. In addition, the school does not feel safe. About half of the walls in the building are only temporary and made out of plastic. All factors considered, Poquoson High School is an above average venue for receiving an education and continues to strive to make a positive impact on anyone who attends the school.
PCPS care about their students. They follow their mission of every student deserves a chance to better themselves and have a future. Students come first. There is a wide range of resources for families and students in need. It is small town but they have big dreams for their students. Schools are being updated as we speak and facilities are kept up to date and clean. Safety is always reviewed and kept updated as well. Teachers care about their students.
My personal experience while attending Poquoson high school was filled with more than education. I learned the value of friendship, hard work, and sportsmanship. I had many great accomplishments during my high school career in Poquoson City Public Schools, such as becoming volleyball state runner up two years in a row. Along with the positives that came with high school, there are always negatives. Poquoson has many flaws, one being the discrimination issue in our town. This is a problem I deeply care about and hate to think of my city as such hateful people. The schools system does not really help this cause, and just hide the obvious fact that our area is the issue. Changes I want to make within our community is bringing blame and punishment for the ridiculous and harmful actions caused by students at my school. Hiding from the problems make us weak and shows that we do not really care about the big situation.
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Children are passing illiterate. If you would like proof there is more then enough. This is not a school it’s a popularity contest. Do not bring your children here. If that is not enough this is the most racist Community I’ve ever encountered
A lot of drama, if aren’t Poquoson bred ,move -ins aren’t welcome here, a lot of coach favorites ,Sports that is ,, if you are a Poquoson native and you aren’t good at the sport you will make the team and play ahead of kids that are way better.. not fare
Poquoson City Schools provides a safe and inviting environment for students to learn and grow in order to be successful in their next stage of life after graduation. I have been very impressed with the staff at all 4 schools in the district.
The teachers here are excellent. There isn’t much diversity in skin color but a lot of diversity on where people come from. Lots of military families here, about 65% of the city is military or former military so kids from Texas, Arkansas, Florida, New Mexico, etc. Kids in the school are from all over the US, and even foreign countries. We like it a lot and we’re glad to find there isn’t much bullying in the middle school here, like they have so much at some of the other schools in the area. The Primary school is really good too.
Overall, very pleased with my experience with PCPS. Teachers were almost always helpful when faced with questions or concerns I may have had. Faculty and staff were, for the most part, very easy to get along with.
I enjoyed how close all the students were and the dedication the teachers had for their students. I think it is important for teachers to make the effort to create bonds with their students, and I believe the teachers achieved that at Poquoson.
Poquoson City Schools is an excellent place to gain an education. We are fully prepared to enter college. I feel the only way for it to improve is for the budget to be increased. Most of the issues could be resolved with a larger budget. If we had more competitive teachers salaries then we could hire the best teachers. Our buildings do need some upgrades which again comes down to the budget.
Poquoson it a close nit community that cares about education. The school system is fantastic. I’d like to see more clubs offered to students.
Being in Poquoson since 3rd grade, there have been many ups and downs in my years. I've always had help from teachers when I absolutely needed it and I could always count on my grades to take me far in life as it already has. Poquoson is a predominantly white school system, easily 90% white. It is one of the safest school system in the entire state and it has some of the best academics from a public school. I would definitely recommend children learning here if they are ready to take their college by storm when the time comes. I know I will!
Poquoson Public Schools offer a wide variety of activities for students such as band. Poquoson's band has connected me to many of my closest friends and was overall a very positive experience. It taught me useful values such as dedication and initiative. However, the learning techniques were very limited in diversity and it would be beneficial to all students' if the school was to expand its teaching techniques. I believe in doing so, it would further help narrow the gap in all students academic achievement, better preparing them for life.
I overall enjoyed the PCPS system. They have great teachers and academics. The school campus is a safe and friendly learning environment.
We are a military family who moved from an exceptional school where my son was very popular. We were scared he wouldn't adjust well or that it'd be cliquish. Nope! The teachers & students were accustomed to military families & welcomed us warmly. My son's teacher stayed after school with him for three tutoring sessions at no cost because we came from a common core state & Virginia isn't one. The math adjustment was tough! His grades have shot up to A/B honor roll, which is a first for my ADHD child. He is thriving in every way. I looked at dozens of schools in the area & feel so blessed that we were led to choose this one. The staff, faculty & students are all devoted to the school being the best it can be. I never saw a school where the students had 'buy-in' to help other kids around them to succeed. It's remarkable!
Poquoson City Public Schools always make you feel safe. Also teachers are very nice and actually care about you and your progress. I have always felt very comfortable asking for help and talking to teachers even if I do not have them as a teacher. Overall, it is an all around amazing school and I could not think of anything that I would want to change.
Attended all four years here. Sports are decent. Spanish program is way below standards. Offers a variety of ap courses however many are online. The special education system is not very good either. I would recommend seeking another school district for those needs. However, the safety at Poquoson is very strong. Not many fights break out. Maybe one or two a year during lunch. Several of the guidance counselors are also incompetent. Surprisingly the ones at the middle school are much better. I have never hada problem with bullying. There are a few bad apples here and there but everyone knows who they are.
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The school has a lot of potential, but the lack of funding and the hugely white demographic really inhibit it from expanding its perspectives and providing students with a good public school experience.
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