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Pomperaug Regional School District No. 15 Reviews

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I think Region 15 provides a great education for it's students and sets them up for success however, there is a vaping/drug issue that is not addressed well.
A great public school, professors will always take time to see you after classes and help every student succeed. You will become a good essay writer if you put in the effort which contributed greatly to my success in college.
Pomperaug is an excellent school with many teachers who care about you but it would be nice to have a little more freedom and if the Counselors had less students.
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Pomperaug High School was definitely a roller coaster full of both good times and bad times. There I met some of my most cherished friends, but also I faced many of my bullies. Overall though I learned a lot about my love of writing and have improved over the years. Something that would be great to improve upon though would be free parking spaces, and more security.
Pomperaug High School has been a great experience. As a student that wants to attend a trade school to further my education I believe it has allowed me to achieve the necessary skills needed for higher education. I also have other siblings that are looking to attend a regular University and coming from a family where we will be the first to attend college, I feel we are better prepared than our peers to succeed.
I like the teachers - they form a good bond with students in a way outside of academics. I feel like I can go to my teachers with things other than questions about the class- like personal problems or social issues. I think the school needs to take bullying and harassment a little bit more seriously, but I guess thats a big problem at pretty much every school nowadays. Pomperaug has the schedule set up so that we have optimal class time as well as time outside of class to get our work done.
Good teachers but many rules in place that should be for elementary school, not high school students.
Great teachers and staff, just some of the changes that they make for the future years are not necessary.
Good academic school, my daughter loved her teachers for the most part and made great friends. Some of the sports teams are insufficiently funded, while others receive more money than they really need. The schedule was very good, block scheduling allowed for homework to fit in nicely with a schedule complete with sports and a job.
Students are terrific, things that go on in other schools do not happen here. This is a Town where parents are involved and care. New Principal very aware and super easy to talk with and brought a lot of ideas-excellent. Vice-Principals on top of everything and terrific people. Very well run school. Most teachers care a lot about the students. One area of draw-back- Math and sciences are more difficult than schools in similar areas, and this is the place where the teachers seem to be lacking the most. Tutors may be required. Plays are very popular, many different sports offered and are popular. Cafeteria is fine--hopefully more choices will be available with the new chef next year. Well thought out school and Town. Highly recommended especially if you have a math and science brain.
Both my of my children went through the regional 15 school district and has the best resource for every student in need.I have have no negative feedback for this school district it has done wondres for our children . Way to go region15.
I liked that the community was very involved in the school and I liked going to school with friends. I think the school needs to work on the guidance and college preparation. I did not feel that I had much support with the college process.
I had a few truly incredible teachers while I was at Pomperaug, but unfortunately, many have left due to the culture that the school carries. Administration was not consistent in following through with their plans. They were also very difficult to work with in getting accommodations.
Very difficult classes and many choices for AP and advanced classes. Very prepared for college of all levels.
The teachers are nice and are helpful. The school itself isn't anything special, however. The bathrooms usually have something wrong with them. I never had any horrible experiences but if there was more school spirit, it would be a better place for everyone.
Pomperaug Regional High School is a very good school. It has high graduation rates and high college readiness. There are a wide variety of courses for students to choose from and helpful guidance counselors to help students find the right track.
Good teachers, class choice and culture. Good college readyness. Would like to see more consistent use of technology and better use of budget. Parking is also very expensive.
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Great resources for all student levels. Prepares students extremely well for college. Nice teachers who care
If you put the effort in, you will be rewarded. It'sup to you to make the most of it, but you will have support there to pursue any interest.
The Pomperaug experience was both helpful and not so much. Most teachers will go out of their way to help with schoolwork, others could not care less, or don't know enough about their degree to be teaching. The students, for my grade at least, were some of the nicest people I have met. It was easy to find a friend group you might fit into, otherwise, just wander around to meet new, different people! Overall, I am glad I attended, but honestly couldn't tell you what I learned from some of these classes.
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