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I wouldn't want my children in any other schools. There is so much attention to details for each child.
I've spent all four years at PCHS, and I've had a very positive experience with the upper level classes I take, although I wish there were more AP classes available to the students, and that more time and energy were put into informing the underclassmen about college readiness.
Polk County Schools is an amazing place for students to learn what the want to do for the rest of their life. Personally speaking I am impressed with the construction program at Polk County High School. The students are building houses and gaining money for the program so students can build more than just a small bird house. The students are learning what its like to be an actual carpenter. The carpentry teacher started a summer program where the students can work and get paid by learning on the job.
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Polk County schools overall is a pretty great district to be apart of. They make good use of limited resources along with making sure that each student is taken care of in any way they possibly can.
I met a lot of people but only a few still are by my side. I had a few favorite teachers who actually cared about their students education and taught me many things. I was involved in many school programs which helped me become more social and outgoing which I am thankful for. I would like to see the students change the way the act towards their education and their teachers.
Polk County High School is one of the best places you'll ever come across. It's small but so diverse and welcoming. The staff is wonderful and so caring about you. The students are welcoming and it's not hard at all to find your friend group. There are so many different clubs and organizations that you are bound to find what you are interested in and what your passions are. You are very likely to succeed at a place like PCHS.
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