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Pleasanton Unified School District Reviews

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Excellent schools and community! Provide lots of activities and people are friendly here. Students are intelligent, responsible and happy.
I have been going to Foothill High School for 4 years now. As a senior, I find that this school is a good place to have a good education if you do your own part. However, most of the kids are too stressed about academics and are brought up years ahead than other districts.
I felt unwelcome moving to this district from out of state. I would have liked more guidance on how to adapt and more communication. I struggled to get my transcripts correct even though I completed all my requirements early.
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Extremely rude staff at the school district. I called to clarify some queries regarding enrollment since we're from out of state. The lady at the desk was not even ready to listen to my questions and was extremely condescending and then literally started yelling at me.

Despite the great ratings of the various schools, I have to reconsider whether or not I want to enroll my kids into a school district that does not have basic courtesy while talking to prospective parents.

Just spoke to two other school districts around the area with similar questions and found the staff extremely polite, courteous and helpful. What kind of a message are you sending out PUSD? Extremely disappointed in the way this matter was handled.
New teacher access period is great for students to be able to get help during the regular school day. Would like to see this every day (like other school districts) rather than only twice a week. Have run into some difficulty with teachers who really don't know the subject they are teaching. They have been hired based on their athletic coaching ability not their understanding of the material they are teaching.
Great schools. Academically is a high standard. Great diversity. Teachers are great. Very challenging school.
the school are amazing in pleasanton. It has high academic expectations. The courses available to the students allow them to prepare for the college experience. The sports are highly competitive and played at a higher level. The teachers are are very helpful and willing to take the extra time for the students if needed.
I liked how accessible everyone is within PUSD and the majority of the teachers that I have gotten the chance to work with have been extraordinary and have made a huge impact on my life and have helped shape me into who I am today. Furthermore, the counselors I've worked with at my school have been extremely helpful and kind throughout my four years at high school.
I think Pleasanton Unified School district is a great choice for anyone in the area. However, like most, there are issues. The school district has a generous amount of money to spend. Money is spent on unnecessary things. For example, we do not need 5 superintendents. Why are we paying thousands of dollars on cameras, when the footage is never reviewed when necessary? As well, the money that is received from us, where does it go? We are a public school district, yet we pay so much money to attend. A parking pass at school costs $60 per year. We are required to pay to watch/listen to/do certain things for projects. Money should be used more sparingly on unnecessary things, and put more into things, like educating children.
I like the safety and education Pleasanton Unified School District offers. I do think the district could offer more money for their arts and have higher quality teachers for the non-AP math and science teachers. I think the majority of the AP and Honors History and English teachers are quite good. I wish they didn't focused so much on AP everything and focused more on making the kids aren't too stressed.
Good school district with lots of variety, excellent and varied teachers (to tailor to personal preferences), and academic achievement at many different levels of intellect, necessities, hobbies, and interest in applying for jobs and/or colleges. Extremely competitive environment in taking many AP courses, applying for higher-level institutions, etc. can weaken mental health, so it is something to be weary of.
I liked that Pleasanton Unified School District was academically rigorous and encouraging of involvement and striving for goals. Each class both met the learning expectations for each grade, but I also took away deeper insights from informal discussions that helped me decide where I wanted my academic career to go from there. I appreciated that many arts classes were maintained and celebrated by displaying student work across campus: e.g. photography, art, ceramics, video production, and murals from several different students. I also enjoyed all of my teachers, because they connected with the students and poured their heart into the curriculum and supported us to show how much they cared about our education.
What I liked about Pleasanton Unified School District is that there is A LOT of diversity in the staff and in the students, and somehow is able to bring us together. There is a very good culture and the staff is really fair at Foothill, my current High School, but at Hart, the Middle School I went to, it was very lacking. The teachers were very nice, understanding, and actually were involved with the students, but it was way to strict, and the "Yard Duties" were very overbearing and unfair. They sometimes threatened my friends with the principal's office and detentions, but they weren't actually doing anything and were just sitting on the benches. Overall my experience with PUSD has been pretty average.
Very good school district with very good teachers. The district needs to start putting more money for infrastructure and tech improvements.
In the last few years, pleasanton unified has hired many new teachers. Many are not as experienced. It's still a great school. However, with change, comes unstability.
Great environment and the teachers offer hands on experience for the students. The area of offer very prestigious school for young individuals to flourish and build a foundation heading into college.
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DVC is a great school ! The area around it is a perfect community, the people in the college are friendly, makes me feel at home !
I have been part of the Pleasanton Unified School District from third grade to my senior year in high school, and I could not imagine going to school in a different district. The amount of resources available to students for college readiness and success in life is abundant, and the teachers are very willing to help students with their learning. Although the school cafeteria was not one of the best, I was very content with the sports programs (tennis, basketball) and the number of appealing clubs on campus (DECA, Mock Trial, etc).
Pleasanton Unified School District is a fantastic district. It's safe, it's spirited, and it's up to date. I couldn't have asked for a better school district to grow up in.
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