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Everyone in PUSD is very supportive and really cares about the students. They do their best to create a wonderful learning experience and make sure that we have everything we need to succeed. All the teachers care about their students learning and are very helpful.
I go to Amador Valley High School, and I like how they have many programs with diverse interests. Their music programs are especially good; I'm in Symphony Orchestra and Marching Band. All the music students love our 3 music teachers at Amador. As for clubs, I believe there are about a hundred of them. Almost everything you can think of, there is a club for it. There are culture, arts, studying, mental health, community service, and STEM clubs. Our sports are also excellent, and many students are in a school sport. The academics are competitive, especially in the science and computer fields. Many of the AP classes have a stressful environment with students stressing about their grades, but the teachers help us destress and reassure us that grades are not the only factor that decides our future. Amador Valley is a safe environment, it is gated all around during school hours.
Pleasanton Unified school district has very good quality schools. They give their student a very good education for being public. There teachers are overall great besides the math department.
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Many of the teachers at Foothill High School have been exceptionally helpful. I would like to see more of an effort in producing college-ready students.
It has been quite the rollercoaster living and learning in Pleasanton. It's so amazing being in the bay area. The high rate of job opportunities and the culture of tech inspires me to come to school every day. Each and every student in our schools has a drive for success, and the teachers and facilities never fail to provide us an abundant education. We are exposed to people of all different backgrounds, races, and ethnicities. Because of this, we are growing to be more and more accepting and diverse. Our schools make sure that we are educated about real-world problems and that we can face challenges that come our way. The Pleasanton community helps me feel like I am part of a family.
Great experience ! Loved my time during school. Got me ready for college and helped me become a better person.
Pleasanton unifies school district isn’t bad at all. I moved here from Florida though and the change in diversity was something for sure. At my school in Florida, it was much more diverse, and here it really wasn’t. Some of the teachers here are fantastic, but some of them just don’t care about the students and they don’t help the students like they need to be helped.
My experience attending Pleasanton Unified School District has been fairly good. The teachers are knowledgeable and communicative with their students, and the staff was very nice (the office, janitors, librarians, etc.). The Board is quick with their decisions and the usage of social media allows students to get updates fast and easy.
The superintendent and his team are very responsible. He and his team maintain close communication and cooperation with parents. In our school district, the participation of parents is very high, which creates a very positive atmosphere. But our campus facilities are too old and need more budget to rebuild. The toilet in high schools is always a problem to be solved. Most teachers are knowledgeable and responsible, but some are not enthusiastic about teaching and impatient with students. It makes students less motivated to study in school, and students who desire more knowledge or in-depth learning can only seek external courses. Lunch becomes unpalatable, and insufficient is a problem in the new school year.
This school district has provided me with so much academic nourishment in all of my desired fields. There is a program, opportunity, and place for everyone! I am new to this school district, this being my first year, and I felt so welcomed and part of the community. All the teachers and staff are very personal with you and ensure you have the best experience possible.
My experience with the Pleasanton Unified School District was very helpful and encouraging to many others. During this COVID-19 outbreak, their first priority was how to keep the students and staff safe from this illness.
The education is pretty good at Pleasanton schools. The teachers support students and there are plenty of resources for students who need extra help. There are also a variety of activities to do such as sports, clubs, and electives.
I like that the PUSD district is very organized and the administration responds in a timely manner. The bathrooms and some of the older classrooms need some repair.
Safe, academic, diverse, supportive, and involved. Most AP classes are offered, many students are motivated, there's a diversity of student body. Great school overall, had a positive experience.
Pleasanton Unified School District is often stymied by a lack of budget and tenured teachers that have lost their passion for teaching. Often times, students must be self-motivated to accomplish anything major within the school district. There is a severe lacking of parental involvement within the school system, from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Especially in high school, parents are often not supporting or helping out with important activities, such as STEM based clubs and performing arts programs. While there are a select few teachers that really open up the minds of students, on average most teachers are mediocre and don't inspire students to learn deeper than the textbook. There is also a severe disparity in academic performance, motivation, and social interaction between kids on an advanced track and students following a normal track.
The Pleasanton Unified School District is phenomenal. All the elementary, middle and high schools in Pleasanton have top ratings and amazing faculties.
I would love to see fences around all schools in ensure safety for the staff and students. Many teachers have helped me throughout the past four years, setting me up for success in my near future. The counselors were super easy to talk to if I ever had a problem or needed to have a quite space. The new addition of the Access period to my High School was amazing. It provides time during school hours for students to get work done or maybe make up a test. This was very beneficial Junior year because the sudden increase of school work. I was super busy with sports and this time gave me an opportunity to get a big portion of my homework done before I went home at night. Overall I think Access has been beneficial to all students.
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terrible facilities
great staff
great classes
competitive atmosphere
good diversity
great clubs and activities and music programs and academics
lots of resources and sports and safety procedures
bad food
It's very competitive so I wish the teachers would make the it less stressful. However, at the same time, the teachers really prepares you for college.
This district does really nice in academics and I really like going to school in this district. The teachers are really nice, and the sports are awesome.
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