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I would like the foods served to be better, as well as dress code policies to be less strict. Schools should worry about students’ education not what they wear.
Pleasanton ISD, while rated decently by the school district cannot be fully examined unless you are a student or faculty member there. The biggest problem with this school is the utter lack of diversity, such as when one of the teachers created a LGBT club and much of the student body instead of being intrigued, laughed and the idea and openly stated during class hours how “stupid and gay” it is. the teachers putting no stop to it and even some encouraging the behavior by making remarks and rude comments. The faculty has a long history of not dealing with sexual assault and bullying issues, most parents having to take it to the news because the school takes no action and ignores the problem. In all, how are we students subjective to feel safe and cared for when we truly feel that the faculty does not care about our well being issues, rather than if we are in dress code (which is extremely strict) or wearing our ID badges.
I graduated in 2013 and I had the average experience you would expect in a high school environment. I enjoyed all of my teachers and I had a fun hands on learning experience that most do not often get anymore. The Pleasanton independent school district is a nice campus that made me feel safe and the teachers there provided me with the tools to learn and I appreciate that.
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At Pleasanton High School there isn’t much involvement. Students need to get more involved and teachers need to push them harder in classes. For nursing there are a lot of extra things you can earn such as your CNA and CMA certification.
Everything is very formal here, we are held at a high standard. Everyone is taught and treated equal. I feel like we could work on the food aspect? Having appetizing food would be helpful, we’d have more energy throughout the day to do our work.
I honestly feel like my school could be better. The administration tries as hard as they can to improve it but never seem to correct the correct problems. They spend all their money on the athletics department, but forget to put money aside for the arts, forcing us to do fundraiser after fundraiser just for new equipment.They put stickers on the mirrors to tell kids they care, but don't offer any actual counseling for people who need it.
I like how they're constantly trying to improve and grow. Students are offered some variety of whatever they need whether its counseling or resources, they try and help.
I grew up here and while it’s not the best school, I tried hard and the teachers were more than willing to help me learn and some teachers taught us everything we needed to know and then some. Counsolers are amazing and very very helpful and the band gave me something to look forward to every day.
During my years of Pleasanton High School, the teachers I’ve had from my freshman to senior year of high school have always helped me from answering content about the class to getting information about college. While they lack in administration involvement, the teachers are able to make up for with their desire to actually teach students and help us learn things in the classroom that will help us achieve great things in life.
Most teachers are very involved in trying to better all student's education. Although, I wish the school enforced rules more so that students would have a more effective learning environment.
I love all the teacher and how they are very involved with the students and on how if a i am not passing a class they help me with catching up. Athletic program is great and has the best band director . principal is also very involved with the students on making sure they are staying on their studies could not ask for better teachers.
I feel the Pleasanton school district is working very hard to give children the best education possible, with the limited resources they are given. The teachers are absolutely wonderful!! They do not get paid enough to put up with disrespectful children!! The staff is also great, they have our children's best interest and safety in mind. If your child is struggling and needs help, they provide great intervention programs. The atheletic program and music programs are great considering major funding cut backs. The school has just had some great renovations to a few buildings. It looks very updated and fresh. I would like to thank the teachers and staff members, including maintenance, bus drivers and school board members for educating and supporting our children. This would help them feel appreciated.
The best school I went to. The teachers are always there to help you. This school has strict dress codes. Principals and administrators will always call you out for dress codes.
I liked how much the teachers enjoyed their jobs. There willingness to help me succeed is what pushed me to be on my game here going into college. One change I would like to see is getting the “average” kids more involved. Get something that interests them.
Pleasanton Independent School District is good for a small town school district. The classes and extracurricular acticitivies offered are good, but there could be more classes added for people wishing to pursue different fields. Switching between AP Chemistry and AP Physics is not the best idea, especially when the switching is not communicated to the students.
My experiences during my high school career were remember-able experiences. I had a lot of good teachers, teachers that love their students and are so focused on getting you prepared for college. I would recommend that they improve their facilities so that parents and students feel more at home and safe when there's activities being performed.
While most of the teachers are really good, the school did not prepare me AT ALL for college. In order to be college ready, you must take all Pre-AP courses. The regular courses will in no way prepare you for college
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I would like to see a change in the academics and college readiness portion of the school.The academics lack persistence and commitment. Teachers are rather lenient, and do not seem to try hard to show discipline in learning. However it is also the students that lack a learning mindset and would rather try less in class which makes the teacher not try as hard to teach the students. This decreases our academic learning in the classroom. Lastly college readiness. As type this I am a senior in this school and I have noticed that more than half of my classmates are not informed about college and are behind in the readiness process. They lack the knowledge necessary to apply for college. This is something I believe that needs to change as time goes by for the reason that it defeats the purpose of high school. If our students lack the ability to apply for college and the knowledge necessary to attend one then the school failed its main purpose, and that is to help us get to college.
Students friendships that i have made. The teacher are great but the one thing that stood out to me is the good student environment and to me this really help with your learning experience.
Pleasanton ISD is a wonderful. The teachers are caring and kind, they push the students to do their best. The administration is doing their best to provide the environment that anyone can be proud of.
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