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The teachers I have encountered are truly passionate and dedicated people. They do an excellent job, regardless of the obstacles and limitations that they face on a daily basis. I wish that the government would greatly increase their funding of education; I believe it is crucial to the success of our nation.
The Pitt County School system is very diverse, but some individual schools lack diversity. There are still school’s that are considered white schools and those that people say “That’s a Black school.” I get along with all races and used to have friends from diverse backgrounds while living in South Carolina. Since living in North Carolina for the last 2 years, I’ve noticed the lack of community with different races more in NC than in SC. As for teachers, they are competent and willing to help, but they are overwhelmed with large class sizes. My sister and I will attend private school in the fall due to the disappointment with public school. COVID-19 has changed many things with our schools, and the lack of teacher involvement is much greater than before. It now seems as if teachers prefer online since they no longer have to deal with students. I look forward to returning to a normal school environment in a smaller class setting where teachers want to help me learn.
Pitt County Schools has an amazing way that they connect with their students and teachers! I love how friendly and outgoing the Staff is
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Pitt County Schools focus on educating and preparing their students to be the future for our nation. They have always openly listened to comments and concerns from the students, parents, and the public.
When I first moved to Pitt county I was not ready for what to expect. I was a student who did not try and a class clown. They showed me that yes you can have fun in class but you also need to learn when to take things seriously. They pushed me to do better with my grades and attitude. Later on, through the years I became a better student and a better person as a whole. They always presented me with a different challenge every day. I really do appreciate all of the teachers in Pitt County for pushing me to be a better student and for pushing other students to become better people. When I developed a heart condition it was hard to keep up in my classes and stay positive. My teachers constantly checked in on me and helped me catch with my assignments. If I just needed someone to talk to they were open and understanding. Some teachers were there to give me a hug when I cried because of me just having a bad day. Overall I enjoyed being in Pitt County, Thank you.
I am an alumni from South Central High School. The faculty and administration are amazing. Pitt County Schools is a great school district.
What I admire the most about Pitt County Schools is its efforts to help our community. When our school had to be shut down for the COVID-19 outbreak, Pitt county schools made a strong effort to help the people of our community. Every day there were people from my school making and giving away lunches for any student that would rely on school for their daily meal. Pitt County Schools have continued to show unconditional love, care, and appreciation to the students and staff. The teachers make the students feel like we are their children and they truly give us the best form of education that is possible.
I have grown up attending Pitt County Schools my whole life. Most teachers are excellent and give their all for students.
Pitt County Schools school system is full of people who care about the education and safety of their students.
I have only attended Pitt County Schools since I was a sophomore in high school. I do like it and have had some great teachers but the culture and unity at my school is horrible. It is extremely cliquey.
I like that Pitt County Schools are interactive and involved with student life on and off campuses. With that being said, Pitt County Schools are also ensure that no student is left behind no matter the circumstances. This is important to me because it ensures that all students will pass their grade one way or another. Ultimately, Pitt County Schools also contribute to loving and passionate faculty and staff who genuinely care for their students.
I have loved Pitt County. The teachers are amazing, the community is great. I have loved my learning experiences over the years. They have so many amazing opportunities! Opportunities that helped me decide what I want to do. The teachers are all so helpful and go out of their way to help students succeed.
My experience at Pitt County schools was decent. I survived at Pitt County schools so im blessed to say it was a decent district to me.
I loved the academic environment. It allowed me to push myself and take many challenging classes that I loved. The teachers were very helpful and wanted me to succeed.
I love attending a Pitt county school because there is always help whenever you need it. There are also teachers who genuinely care for you. Most students are very nice and helpful. There are lots of sports and clubs you can join my personal favorite being battle of the books. We are also very competitive students in academics as well as sports. We love to socialize and have fun but also keep our grades right. I believe that we are growing in number of students and that it's a good thing that schools here are getting better.
I like that there are many diferent types of teachers in Pitt county and that there are many helping people. The schools finances are not that well and there are not many things to do. It is kinda hard to be involved and many rules are strict. I wish to see more programs in my school and harder classes. I am not complaining or complimenting the schools in Pitt county. I think they are average and have a lot of work to be inproved on.
They took care of their students with passion. They took the time to know their students and made sure they were college ready. Meet one on one and had the students goals laid out for them and kept up with progress.
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My experience at Pitt County School but specifically J H Rose my last four years; have been great. I feel that i have become more independent with excelling in my academics classes as well as my athletics career.
I love my high school but some things i don't like about it are dress code i feel like some schools enforce the dress code more than others. Some schools are focused too much on dress code rather than education. I feel like education is more important than what someone is wearing and just by being out of dress code you are sent to ISS or given some type of punishment and it's ruining your learning. The food could be better i think they should ask for our opinion on what to serve
Pitt County Schools has a variety of opportunities for students to excel. They continue to grow with the community partners to provide programs for students; such as dual enrollment at PCC, partnership with HSA with Vidant Hospital, etc.
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