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Pinelands is great because it’s such a small school with great teachers. The smaller size lends itself to having a great community feel as opposed to larger schools where you can tend to get lost in the crowd. I feel that this sense contributed so much to my experience and the relationships I formed with both other students and faculty feel as though they will last the passage of time. Participating in extra curricular activities was always a breeze because you really had a sense that you knew the others involved as well. This helped take away most of the potential stress one might feel trying something new and I feel it made stepping out of ones comfort zone much much easier and enhanced the experience for all involved. Not every school can say that and I think that’s part of what makes Pinelands a great place to spend your High School years.
Grades 7-12 all had to stay in the middle schools for 2 years because the highschool fell apart due to asbestos
Pinelands Regional High School has been excellent for me, even with its ups and downs. The teachers are always positive, and ready to help on a moments notice. Also the classes offered cater towards every student, as there are many choices that are available.
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Pinelands personally for me was not a great experience. The teachers are lazy, even the AP ones, and the students are irresponsible. There are only a few teachers I can truly thank that actually bettered my education throughout my high school years. We do have a strong drama program which I am involved with however, and we have plenty of sports programs and clubs that I were also involved in, but the education is entirely lacking in this school. There is also barely any diversity in this school as well.
Pinelands is a very welcoming community. My teachers have always helped me to the best of their ability when I needed it. Although our school has gone through A LOT of issues in recent years, I wouldn’t change a thing!
This is the same school that has employees with drug and alcohol problems. Most kids graduating from here go to college and can't keep up with kids that graduated from other schools. Pinelands students mostly seem to be behind academically, compared to others once they leave high school. Heres a perfect example how is it that the graduation rate at this school is 92% when only 30% of the students are proficient in math and 49% in reading? More then half of the students are not proficient in math and/or in reading and yet they have a B rating and a 92% graduation rate..... Something doesn't seem right here. My family has been going to pinelands schools since the 70's 2 family members are retired teachers from this district and both decided to retire because of the curriculum that has continued to decline year after year.
Pinelands was an overall great school and I had a ton of great friends and teachers to rely on. The atmosphere was very comfortable and everyone had a ton of school spirit.
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