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Pine City Public School District Reviews

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I went to school at Pine City High school and I had a great school experience made a lot of good vs and the staff was friendly and I still talk with some of the staff it has been almost 20 years ago,but they still remember me. My kids know some of my friends and teachers .
My experience at Pine City was alright. When I first came to Pine, I never thought how it could change me as a person. The people there are very nice except when you're in my shoes as a different race. It was hard making friends, i sat at lunch for a week with no one. I saw the clicks and the groups but no one wanted me. Now i have some friends, they come in and out of my life because they're just lunch friends (the ones I sit with). I'll probably move from pine and never come back.
Pine city public schools were great. The teachers were always helpful and kind. They have a great grip on preparing students for college!
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Pine City High School has an amazing set of staff members. For the most part, teachers are always willing to help and lend an ear, and want to see students succeed.
I have had an absolutely fantastic time learning and growing up in the Pine City Public School district. I have been surrounded from the beginning by caring and educated teachers. They make the learning experience personal and I feel as though I am better off because of the fact that I have been blessed to attend these schools.
I transfered to Pine City my Sophomore year from Mora. I had an awful experience going to school and Mora and was really hoping for a positive change, which I found at Pine City. Although Mora and Pine City are very similar size and demographic wise, the overall community of Pine City is hardly comparable to Mora. The community involvement in Pine City School was refreshing and wonderful to see coming from a community as terrible as Mora.
All of the teachers were more than willing to help you anytime. They tried teaching multiple ways to make sure that all students were able to get the best education. They did a good job with making sure that all students had many opportunities in school and extra curricular actives.
The teachers here are fantastic, and your education here will definitely prepare you for whatever you plan to do after high school, whether it’s college, military, or workforce. However, there is very little diversity, and the administration is not intimidating to any of the students, and that causes a lot of behavior problems. The presence of school spirit is very small, especially in the younger grades.
I loved the Pine City Public School district while I was going there. The teachers were absolutely amazing. They were willing to help you whenever you came in to ask for it. Sometimes they gave it to you even if you didn't want it.
Pros: There are amazing teachers. Also, one of the most important things to note about PCHS is the amazing auditorium built not too long ago. Most of the time it's just used for band, choir, and plays, but sometimes professional music groups stop in and preform at said auditorium; I remember the acapella group Tonic Sol Fa played at PCHS even before they went to the Twin Cities, and it was at a reasonable price, too! The music and art programs are great for a school of this size, although the the director for the school plays the last few years was gross and always casted her daughter as the lead. Cons: There is only a handful of students every year that aren't white Christians, the food sucks, there isn't much to do other than sports, and while I didn't have any personal vendetta against the principal and vice principal, everyone I knew seemed to hate him.
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