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I would like to see focus shifted from athletics towards academics. All of the funding goes towards sports. We weren't prepared for senior year, and now everybody is scrambling to get scholarships. Very small, strict school.
I am so happy I had the chance to study here! This school has excellent teachers. The classes are geared to help you succeed in your future job.
The Pierce Public School District is a great school district. With it being such a small school in a small, close-knit community, everybody knows everybody and that is a great thing. The staff here is great. They all know every student by name and are always willing to help you with anything that you need. The college and career readiness programs here are also great and very helpful. One of the biggest things though with this school is that sports seem to be the most important thing here, which can be good, as games have amazing fan involvement, and everybody enjoys them, but arts are put on a backburner on occasion.
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Pierce Public Schools takes pride in academics. We strive to be the best students we can be. Pierce Public Schools strive for excellence.
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