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Piedmont City Unified School District Reviews

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I have enjoyed Piedmont but one of the things that I struggle with is discrimination. As an African-American woman I have faced countless experiences with discrimination. Be it because of my race or gender. I live with my aunt and uncle in a neighborhood that is predominantly white. The African-American population represents only 1.6%. As a result, the high school that I attend, Piedmont High, is predominantly white. On the same campus is Millenium, an alternative high school that is open to students who do not live in the Piedmont school district. One thing I hope to see change in the world, is an increased openness and desire for diverse perspectives. When we begin to leverage our differences, I believe we can make the world a better place.
A very small and tight-knit community environment as a public school that sometimes feels private with its size.
Mostly strong academic performance, but that could be due to family/peer pressures to succeed, and less so with the teachers and the school. It is a friendly environment and most students are accepted, however it can be competitive and may make some feel inadequate.
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I enjoyed the college prep atmosphere, but believe they could work on diversifying. There were not a lot of minorities enrolled.
The the quality of education you get here is an experience that you will get nowhere else. I think this really stems from the small classroom environment and tight community.
mostly amazing staff and campus, just sometimes there are teachers who could be replaced with someone better, and also office people could be friendlier. Food is great but overpriced. Bathrooms can take some remodeling. Overall experience is great!
Piedmont is full of a lot of rich white kids that do not properly represent the bay area. The schools are nice, though Millennium is looked down on. The teachers vary drastically from brilliant to misogynistic... and everything in between. I was able to graduate from Millennium High a semester early, so that was nice. The best part about PUSD is the free Wellness Center that is available to high school students.
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