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My experience in Pickens County was as my score can show you, above average. Living in Pickens County for essential all my life I can say we are getting better. I believe we can work on preparing student for college not just academically be by showing them how to apply to scholarships
I really enjoy all of the opportunities that are presented to me at Easley High School and am grateful towards my teachers that have allowed me to experience three academically successful years. However, I am disappointed in our guidance office and the little guidance that is actually offered.
My experience in this district has been great. I am sad to be a graduate now, but it was an awesome place to be.
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I like the facilities, safety, and academics. I would like more emphasis on all sports. The teachers are available and concerned about students.
I was in this district for 13 years and it was such a rewarding experience the whole way through. My teachers and priniciples engaged me and helped me become the best version of myself.
The school district of Pickens county is a very good place. The teachers and staff are amazing, they really care about us and want to see us do good in life. The involvement in the school is incredible. You can tell that everyone that has a part in this really just wants to see each other succeed and be the best we all can be.
The experience was really great. I thought that all of the teachers were very professional and approachable and taught in a way that made sense. In addition to this, the school was wonderful because it was new and had all the nice equipment. As for me, I thought safety was good and well rounded, too.
I stayed in Pickens County schools (Pickens, SC) until 8th grade, and then got my GED. The schools are small, but created a sense of community and closeness between all of the students. The schools were not rich, but were always able to provide us students with great, educational field trips. The teachers, the majority at least, were all sweet. They were not paid with gold, but they still were doing their absolutely best to ensure the students were receiving the best education to their ability,
I would not want to be anywhere else other than the School District of Pickens County. The education is challenging but I know it is going to prepare me for college and the future. If there was one thing that could be better it would be that teachers have a better understanding on what and how they teach, especially AP teachers. As a student who has taken AP classes, I have had a bad experience with taking AP classes and not learning what I needed to to pass the final exam at the end of the year.
I have been in PCSD all my years as a student and know no other comparison. I feel like it is a good district. We have great teachers . I loved my teachers at Liberty Elementary & Liberty Middle School . I am currently a student at Pickens High School & love it there. Everyone is very genuine. I feel like my English readiness is much greater at Pickens than it was at Liberty. I connect with this math teacher at Pickens High better than any other with regards to 6th grade math at Liberty Middle; great teacher there!!! Overall I feel like PCSD is a great district!
They are a good school district. They have many opportunities for the student to participate in. They offer great courses to further their skills..
High school teachers saw everything and was there for it all. The good, bad, tragic and lazy times in our lives. They always had our backs and we could count on them at any times. Friday nights under the lights was so much more than football. It was where our community came together like family, united and cheered for out team win or lose. Sports running my body in 500 degree weather doing sprints. My coaches were very supportive and always there for me. My overall experience in High school was amazing!
My experience at Pickens County schools were not too bad. The teachers and staff try there best, given the circumstances. The students tend to act out a lot and get into trouble. More could be done about troubled home students like I was. Although the teachers try there best and a few helped me overcome a lot of adversity, and stress trying to graduate.
I have been going to Pickens county schools for four years and it's the best school district I've been in,they have excellent faculty.
Pickens High School is a great school to obtain a high school diploma. However, you cannot just go to this school to get a diploma, you have to earn it. Great school with great sports/activities!
I have enjoyed my years in the Pickens County School District. Yet i would like to see some changes. I wish teachers would communicate and get back to students like they say they will at the beginning of the year. Also i wish every student that wanted to speak up would have a voice and not just be shut down by the school.
My child is disabled and we moved from another SC city. He has been homebound online classes 2 years but this district does not have a program yet and every month we have to see his doctor and keep filling out paperwork that I have to pay for ! Not cool!
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My overall time from elementary school to high school was a great educational period for me. The principals were truly involved with the school system. The majority of my teachers were concerned about their students and wanted to insure that the students' needs were met.
Pickens County was sufficient at preparing for college but I felt that it was complacent on some things. Sexist dress codes were present and the small school environment was nice but also led to a very un-diverse school system with the majority of students being white and conservative. There wasn't a really unique cultural mix.
Pickens County School District strives to be one of the best in the state if South Carolina. I attended Clemson Elementary, Edwards Middle School and Daniel High School, I can truly say that I was given all the tools and resources I needed to be successful. The only negative thing I could say about this district and area, is that it is not a very diverse area and most of the teachers you encounter look the same.
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