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The Pewaukee School District attracts more and more families each year. Fortunately, the residents of Pewaukee support education as evidenced by the support to pass last year's referendum. The teachers are excellent, opportunities abound, academics are strong, and the buildings are always improving.
Parents were too concerned with every little detail about the school. Always got involved with things that had nothing to do with them. Teachers put a lot of effort into their classes, and made sure they were helping kids do their best.
The classroom teachers are top notch, the PTO and school board are extremely supportive, and the educational practices are innovative, personalized, and data-driven.
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The teachers there are amazing, however I wish counseling would've guided how to apply for student loans more. Overall it's a really nice learning environment.
The environment at the school is very cliquey. The whole school is on one campus so you go to school with the same kids since kindergarten, with very few transfers, making it you stuck with the same people for years. In my case, this was not the schooling that worked for me.
While the academics of PHS are highly praised and I enjoy many classes, some teachers don't really know how to teach. There is also no diversity in PHS, it's filled with straight white Christian kids except for a good handful.
Pewaukee School Distrifct is amazing! They have the most welcoming and hardworking staff and always try to personalize the learning experience for each student. They have so many opportunities for the kids including pen pals, sports, clubs and the fine arts as well as attending competitions and conferences for the school. I cannot say enough about the Pewaukee School District as they go above and beyond to open the door to each child's future.
Pewaukee was a very good school academically, but the diversity was very limited as well as the sports were more political about who you knew or who you were related to rather than based off of actual skill level.
I believe Pewaukee High School is a great learning environment that provides students with excellent opportunities for success. There are many ways teachers adapt to teach students the content in class. The ability to adapt to each child is important to me because not every kid learns the same way as others do. I do think the school as a whole can do more things like pep rally or something to get the whole school together to make everyone feel welcome. Otherwise I believe I have grown as a student and hope to grown and learn even more in my final year of high school.
All teachers are accommodating to students needs and helping them achieve success. There is no such thing as the sky is the limit. Students and teachers go beyond what is expected of themselves to provide each other with the most eye-opening opportunities. The additional programs at Pewaukee schools give students a jump ahead for preparing in the real world, and helps them figure out a plan much earlier in their school career.
I used to be a student here at Pewaukee School District. I would have to say my entire time there was actually a great experience. The teachers are amazing and really get to know you and help you with everything. The extra curricular programs are something to get into as well, if you're not into sports that's okay too!
Overall, Pewaukee School District is a good school, as it encourages students to excel in academics and grow as individuals.
Pewaukee School District has great involvement within all ages of students. Athletes and students in high school have plenty of opportunities to go back and explore the younger schools while tutoring or mentoring younger students. Many high school students are very successful in school and post graduation!
It is a great community of people who are dedicated to learning and teaching. People help each other out and proceed to lead people further into college readiness and future planning as well as exploring interests and teaching social skills
Pewaukee is a capable school with the technology to prepare students for the real world. Unfortunately the school doesn't push students to their highest level. Grading harder and stressing the importance of quality work would increase the experience and effectiveness. -Tyler H
I enjoyed being part of the Pewaukee school district because our teachers always helped us to succeed and I believe that it prepared me for college.
I transferred to Pewaukee High my sophomore year of high school. I was very nervous to be going to school with a bunch of kids I didn't know. Pewaukee is very small, so all of the kids had been going to the same school since Kindergarten so at first it was very hard to find my own group. It took maybe a week before I truly felt welcome. The teachers were very nice and understanding, and I spent a lot of time with them whenever I needed to get my grades up. The students were very welcoming as well. Inviting me to sit with them at lunch and volunteering to be my partner during class activities. If you want to start fresh in a new town, I would definitely recommend the Pewaukee school system for your children. They will definitely feel welcome and at home in no time!
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Pewaukee school district is highly competitive which is extremely discouraging for students and often has negative impacts. There is an expectation of perfection and the level of academic an athletic performance.
Pewaukee High School has a lot of opportunities for taking AP classes. There are a lot of higher levels classes available. However, Pewaukee increases the chances of error through the blended class they offer, and the lenience of deadlines at the middle school.
I came to Pewaukee when I was 12 year old, just before the 7th grade. Pewaukee is very technology proficient and offers rigorous classes that get you ready for college. They also offer a wide array of classes, and allow you to take a college course at the WCTC close by. The teachers have helped me in many ways, including finding a college that I would like to go to, finding scholarships, and learning more about myself.
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