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I loved Peru, it was one of my favorite schools. The people were great I truly grew there. Playing soccer, and tennis I had a blast winning mvp of the league. My father was great as well with what he did in the sports area.
The best part of my experience throughout high school was how the teachers connected with students. All faculty members tried their best to make sure each student felt safe and comfortable in their environment. They would help with any issues the students had regarding work and would take extra time to go over the material to help the student understand what they were having difficult on. There were many activities after school that students could be involved in. They had great sports programs and the coaches were always supportive and pushed their players to strive for success. The school was overall very supportive and had a positive environment.
Peru High School has a decent number of things going for themselves. Notably, their P3 program (though fizzling out a bit during the past 2017-2018 school year) had a great impact on overall school morale, giving students the opportunity to come together in creating a positive school culture. PCS, in addition, has a variety of clubs and sports to choose from, as well as moderate numbers of AP, CAP, and honors courses. Our school has partnered with programs such as PTECH and CVTEC to give students additional opportunities towards career readiness and educational enhancement. Many of the honors and AP teachers are phenomenal, though, like any other school, various other teachers remain unenthusiastic. From my experience, Peru has the upper edge on other schools in the area, though school morale and overall student experience is waning due to the seeming disappearance of P3 and it’s initiatives such as leadership lunch.
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Peru Central School has hired some phenomenal teachers, whom are excellent educators and positive people to be around. Peru's administration is unfortunately very uneducated concerning mental health, and don't appear to personally care about their students.
At Peru, academics are average in general, the only thing above average is all the college courses offered. Teacher wise, some are great while others are awful; it depends on one's personal preferences. There exists a wide variety of clubs with dedicated members on campus. The school culture is alright, there of course exists some bullying as in any school, but the staff work hard providing different programs to help create school unity. With sports, variety is okay but there could be more offered. There also exists so inequity in the division of funds among the different sports teams. As a small school, the exists little funding in general often making constrictions in the budget. There is little diversity on campus race and culture wise, due to being a predominantly white area. There is some orientation diversity , and the gender is 50-50. The food is blatantly awful. Food is often cold and under cooked, with little variety.
My overall experience at Peru Central School has been average, with many aspects in areas of improvement the school could benefit from. Peru lacks diversity completely, and this someone alters the way students around me learn and comprehend. Also, Peru lacks sophisticated technology, which is leaving the school behind on technology many other schools may have.
However, despite the downside to Peru, I will say there is a wide variety of clubs to suit everyone’s needs, such as: sports, environmental, drama, and the gay-straight alliance club. Furthermore, the administration at Peru is actually phenomenal. All rules are enforced and made very clear, and there is also actual consequences for people who do not follow them.
While very school has its strengths and weaknesses, Peru has become a home to me. This year, I am a high school senior-meaning that I am graduating. I will miss Peru, regardless of its downfalls.
Peru has been a great school for me to attend. Over the last four years I have hadan amazing time attending Peru, because I have been given opportunities that I would not have been offered anywhere else. The teachers are amazing and will push students to do their very best and no less. The education there is extremely high level and is above and beyond what any school in our area has. There are a few things that could be changed, tiles are falling off the walls, in some places the tiles have come up out of the floor, we can't drink out of a lot of our faucets to do above what is okay levels of lead. There's other things too, most of the time when kids do things where they should get into trouble they don't, and the food isn't great. The bass things aren't the point though, because this school has been great for me and I wouldn't want to attend any other one!
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