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Perry Local School District (Massillon) Reviews

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I liked how Perry always found a way to come together during tough times. Something I didn't like was Perry cares more about academics than our own mental health.
The teachers are nice and helpful, but the administration is not the greatest and could use some things to put more fun into the school.
Perry is a smaller but closely bound suburban community that focuses on each other and education. Academic and social opportunities were commonly provided, allowing and encouraging individuals to grow together.
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Overall good experience- personally I have been treated well, have been in higher level classes that have helped me advance my academic career and I have been involved in great extracurricular activities that I’ve highly enjoyed.
I really enjoyed my experience with Perry Local Schools. The teachers really care about the students and their education. I think the elementary schools would benefit from upgrades and maybe new buildings all together. The high school could also use some renovating as well.
Perry high school is an okay high school. The building is very old, but the wellness center is very nice because it was built last year. The staff is hit or miss. Some teachers are amazing and other are not so good. The one thing I would love to see change about Perry is the teachers being more friendly to students that they don’t have. I wish I felt comfortable walking up to a teacher that I’ve never had before and asking them for help. That is what I would like to see change at Perry. Along with renovations to the ceilings and classrooms.
Loved going to perry. Wouldn’t of wanted to go to any other school around. I think That they should offer more classes that include things out in the real world like how to do taxes or prep for college and fafsa.
My children received an excellent education in the Perry Local School District. It was a safe environment in which they had outstanding access to a top notch education. In addition, they had multiple opportunities in athletics and the arts.
I love the staff in this school district. Everyone is so helpful and considerate. I have been here since 1st grade and I have loved every second of it. They make me want to come to school everyday.
While I believe that Perry is only an average school, I believe it gets an undeserved reputation as being very poor. Our academics, for those who excel, are outstanding, but I don't think the necessary support is provided for those who struggle. In addition, I was a student during the year that we lost several students to suicide and while I recognize that an effort was made, I think that this following year it has been brushed under the rug and effort to prevent more tragedies like it are few and far between. However, there is some effort being made, while some people ignore these efforts and claim that nothing is being done.
Perry high school is a place I call home because of cheer leading. It has changed my life forever and I will forever love the sport cheer leading because of my cheer coaches I have had all 4 years of high school. Cheer as taught me leadership skills and time management skills and also overall life skills. It will knock you own but you always find a way to get back up and keep going everyday no matter what. The coaches have been there for me every single year of high school. They have pushed me as person to be better on and off the mat. I love perry high school only because it made me fall in love with the sport cheer leading.
Perry has great academic opportunities with outstanding teachers! The rules are strict but are helpful in maintaining order. It would be nice to see better work from the counseling as I have had quite a few issues with scheduling. Some of the sports have been pushed under the rug while others are held more important.
I love the teaching staff at Perry High School. They truly want to see their students succeed instead of simply earning a paycheck. I also like to see the improvement of the staff to cater to the needs of the students.
I loved the pride everyone had in attending the school and the teaching staff here at Perry. The educators were determined for all of us to succeed. I wish there was less of a focus on athletics and more attention on our clubs and other programs.
Perry is very biased. Anyone that plays sports is automatically the teachers favorite. The only punish those who aren't their favorite. Terrible food.
I enjoyed the my time at Perry High School. The teachers were all good and the curriculum was fair. I would like to see more diversity among students and a little less rules on the dress code. Allow student to express themselves but maintain respectfulness.
Perry schools are decent and iv'e gone to Perry most my life and have never really had much to complain about.
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Perry's #1 focus is the students' education. Recently they applied a no cell phone rule that has helped improve student test scores and allowed students to be more social with their peers.
Perry High School on the surface seens to strive for its students to do their best. However, there are such a large amount of teachers that see students as more of just a statistic on how they perform. The teachers who care do their best to make up for it. There is a large amount of successful clubs, Perry’s Speech and Debate team is the state champion and nationally ranked.
My experience at Perry was outstanding. I transferred into Perry in sixth grade, and I could not have been happier with how everything aligned. Everything about Perry was outstanding. The best part was the academics that they offered. They had a very diverse selection of classes to choose from that really prepared you for what you wanted to do in college. I took four different "Project Lead the Way" engineering courses and that helped me make up my mind about what I wanted to do for a career. Perry also offered a wide variety of AP and college credit courses. With the option to get college credit for free, I couldn't pass up the offer. I ended up taking AP physics and College Composition I and II. By taking these classes, it really prepared me for what college would be like. Perry really prepared me for the real world, and I am thankful I got the opportunity to go there.
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