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My experience at Pennsbury High School is something that will be the most memorable part of my life. So far, this institution has readied me into the human I am today. Through their hardworking staff who push students to be the best, comes great success. The school it self holds great diversity. I know this school has given me the tools I need to go further in life. Being at Pennsbury has allowed me to come into contact with people from all walks of life. This is important because it is good to know and understand people who are different from you especially when we are high school seniors, about to embark a journey that none of us have experience in. I know, that because of this institution, I have the key things I need to utilize into something great for my future life ahead of me.
The school district needs to focus more on the actual issues that occur in the school as oppose to their image. When there are issues among the student body Pennsbury has a tendency to sweep it under the rug. We call ourselves a bully free zone but when bullying happens and you go to administration they tell you words shouldn’t affect you. Pennsbury doesn’t listen until fights happen.
During my time at Pennsbury, I have always felt that my teachers truly care about my education. Academics are held at a very high standard throughout all grades. Every teacher is qualified and adept with teaching a class of twenty while still focusing on individuals when necessary. There are multiple programs that allow students to prepare for college. One of these is Naviance, which provides students with a better understanding on their college plans. Pennsbury has a large list of exciting clubs to choose from. These clubs include foreign languages, choir, and fundraising groups. Personally I have been involved in the concert orchestra, French Club, and Paws for a Good Cause (a fundraising club helping local animal shelters). These clubs give students an opportunity to help in their community and gain knowledge that will lead them through the rest of their lives. Overall, I would say that the Pennsbury school district has given me the tools I need to thrive in college and my career.
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For having such a large student population, it still allows for a very personalized experience. With two high school buildings on one campus, it aids in college preparation in a physical sense, and the programs prepare students to excel in their higher education success.
It’s alright. The teachers could be better. The sports are very entertaining to watch. The school gets you very involved in school activities.
I loved going to Pennsbury School District, from Kindergarten all the way to my Senior Year. Throughout my years there I had an amazing experience with many teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed the Friday Night Lights football games, especially the ones against our rival. Pennsbury is very diverse and offers many different classes and clubs.
There are plenty of opportunities to take classes at whichever academic level you are comfortable at, great teachers, and a large array of clubs and activities to participate in.
I spent all thirteen years from kindergarten thru senjor year of my school experience in the Pennsbury School District.
If you are looking for a diverse, caring, and well led high school in a suburban setting- Pennsbury is the place for every you! Pennsbury is one of the most diverse school districts in Bucks County. From their teachers to the students, Pennsbury offers a wide variety of people with different backgrounds a safe place to teach, learn, and grow! Like that of district's mascot, the Pennsbury Falcons, if you are looking to soar post high school, Pennsbury provides well rounded curriculums that prepares students for any type of career. Whether it be college or the job force, with local connections to universities and businesses, Pennsbury's interests are directed at their students, assuring that they reach their full potential and dreams.
Pennsbury is well known for its academics. It’s AP scores generally are superior to other schools in the area. The administration often overlooks bullying that occurs in the middle schools. It’s a pretty good school, I just wish their no tolerance policy for bullying had some teeth.
I love all of kids teachers. Every one of them go above and beyond. I would absolutely recommend this district.
The elementary schools and high schools are fantastic. The middle schools leave a lot to be desired. They are a holding place between elementary and high school with many of the academic classes taught at a low academic level (science, social studies). So if your child is bright they will get bored in middle school. And the teachers and admin don't seem to care too much about the individual kids in the middle schools. I am speaking as a parent who volunteered a lot and interacted with the middle school staff. But once they get to the high school the wide array of classes offered is fantastic. The teachers seem to care and put effort into their work. I can't say enough good things about the high school.
The food isn’t that good and it’s the same stuff every other day. But otherwise everyone is really nice and helpful.
It’s a great school, but they put a lot under the rug when it comes to bullying and things like that.
I really enjoyed the various educational opportunities. There are many different classes in all different subjects to choose from. Most of the AP classes are available. It has great diversity and people respect each other immensely. While the education is exceptional, the facilities are not up to standard and is technologically behind the other schools in the area. The school was built in the 1940s, so its facilities are not as modern as they should be.
Pennsbury High School is a very diverse school. we have many different types of students, classes to take, teachers, activities, clubs and sports that we are able to participate in to make the best of the four years we spend here.
Pennsbury was overall a very good school to attend. I feel prepared for college having gone here. We have competitive sports and helpful staff.
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Pennsbury is good but not the best. Being in the honors and AP classes there is more stress on the students to actually do well. The campus is very diverse but also very large. One can easily find themselves getting lost. I recommend finding multiple friend groups but not to many so that you can be around others but not get caught up with too many people. The honors and AP courses prepare students for college but the parallel may not.
Made life long friends - always felt safe - healthy environment with the right amount of structure to prepare for future plans.
I love that parents are actually involved in school activities. Without them we probably wouldn't be able to get anything done. However I really don't feel safe all the time. There are two campuses and the safety measures they take aren't up to par considering there's about 4,000 people in the school.
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