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I loved the Pennridge community. I had nothing but kind teachers and principals, they truly care about the kids in the school and do their best to support them.
It was an average experience from 1-12 grade. Better than other nearby high schools. Not a lot of diversity.
Pennridge School District has an average testing score but schools are more than grades. The higher-ups in this district does not care about the well being of the students. Safety issues are constantly swept under the rug by the administration, including sexual assault within the student body. A disgrace!
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Pennridge School District is the place where I truly grew up. Moving to the area in 6th Grade, Pennridge South Middle School was my first opportunity to meet new people. Immediately, I felt welcomed at Pennridge. It was a place where I could be myself and kids would either enjoy that and engage with it, or they would not. While there were some ups and downs, it seemed like the student body was always supportive of what I did. Additionally, the staff did a good job at making me feel welcome, but I have heard differing reports from People of Color, as Pennridge High School was 90% white. At the high school, teachers were very welcoming and i felt like I could express my opinions at nearly all times. The Administration seems to be missing an understanding of the
Pennridge was an above average school with plenty or redeeming factors. It had good academics and most teachers were very good and cared. Their math department was one of their weakest of all their departments. Most students became very cynical and pessimistic going through that school as teachers sometimes push students too hard in conjunction with after school activities making or a breeding ground for depression. School there was a grind and I don't miss it, however I do feel like the school made the best version of me there is.
PennRidge High School is an academically solid school with a staff that seems to really care; However, the communication with parents and between students and staff is lacking in its efficacy.
I like Pennridge because everyone is very friendly and it is overall a great environment. However, I think the teachers occasionally do the bare minimum to help kids succeed, and when students go to them for help, they are sometimes denied said help.
I’ve had a great time at Pennridge. I got to take interesting classes, like Film and Media Production while also taking classes to prepare me for college, like AP Statistics. I have made great connections with students and teachers at the school. I also loved the inclusion of special needs students in the district. Being a part of a group, encouraging togetherness and acceptance, was definitely a high point when I think of my time at Pennridge.
Overall my experience has included many wonderful and helpful teachers and friends. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t go to a teacher for help. Also the numerous athletics and clubs have always kept me busy and I’ve had a lot of fun with them!
Not sure why Pennridge is lacking in test proficiency..59% in Math and 78% in Reading..unacceptable.
Also, too many teachers have to be concerned with giving students a low grade for their work. I still admire the ones who only give A's when earned.
Great educational atmosphere. The teachers are fantastic. The school appears to be well funded. It is modern. There are a wide variety of classes available to us as students. Large student base. There are extra-curricular activities available.
At Pennridge High School the teachers care for every single student and want to be there for everyone. The sports coaches care about the athletes. One thing that could change was the grading system. They recently changed it to a different grading average making it now you have to get a 93 to get a A. This then effects our GPA and make its more difficult, when a A is 90.
I have been in the Pennridge School District my whole life, and I can say that it has been able to readily prepare me for college. Our family also has been in the district as well as my father is a teacher at Pennridge who also graduated from the district. There wouldn't be much to change, as the facility is amazing, the teachers have been able to provide insight as a teacher and as a friend, and I feel safe and comfortable in the building.
Pennridge School District is a district that cares about its students. They are always pushing students to the best of their ability, and it really shows. The teachers are absolutely amazing, willing to work with students to help them to grow. The administration is fairly good, but a little overbearing at times. Some of their ideas are not always very smart and they sometimes like to try to do things without people really knowing, such as attempting to change the location of graduation.
Pennridge is an amazing school district! I have been impressed by the opportunities that students have, the commitment to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and the staff. Kids are cared for and prepared for whatever they want to do next (career, military, college, vocational, etc.).
Pennridge HS has great teachers. It’s athletic programs, especially football is phenomenal. Pennridge HS has low class size, about 18 to 24 students per class. I enjoyed my time at Pennridge.
The school district lacks in diversity and inclusion. The teachers and staff are not diverse in race and ethnicity. The district has not made any efforts to recruit minorities or people of color. It is very disheartening for children not see any staff that look like them working in the schools. The district needs to make a conscious effort to recruit teachers of color/minorities. All of the new teachers for the 2019-2020 school year were all Caucasian...NOT one minority.

The district does have the CARES initiative but that is a joke and is there for show only. Diversity and inclusion is so much more than CARES! There should be forums and workshops for the teachers, parents and community. The world is so much more diverse than what is represented in Pennridge School District.
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I am a 6th Grader at Pennridge and so far, I have had a wonderful time in the district. I can easily say it is far better than the Quakertown Community School District, the one I lived in prior to my time at Pennridge. The teachers are excellent and there are plenty of extra-curricular activities, especially at North, where I am currently being taught. I hope that the Pennridge School District continues to exceed my expectations.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at Pennridge. There is a wide variety of classes available and lots of clubs for everyone. I had many good teachers, but the guidance counselors and principles are much less helpful and often have no idea what is going on with the students. The college and career center is available to all students to help with college. Because of how large the school is there is a large variety of students, so it can be easy to make friends if you make an effort. The building itself is well kept and the facilities are all very nice. One thing I will say is that the school is very rural and therefor close-minded in many areas. As with many high-schools, Pennridge is what you make of it. The more you get involved, the better your experience will be.
Do not move to this District! It is just not what it represents itself to be in any way shape or form.
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