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I have been in the Penncrest School District for all 12 years of my education and I can say the the faculty and learning environment are superb. We are learning so much here in our academic classroom settings. The teachers are always here to lend a hand and give further explanation if needed.
Penncrest School District provides a lot of opportunity throughout the schools. 21st century thinking has improved from the administration.
It’s a decent school with decent academics. I wish that there was more of a focus on actual learning rather than teachers just handing out packers and saying “Good luck”.
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I had an overall good experience at this district. At times the stress got to me but I made friends, relationships, and a volleyball team.
As a whole, Penncrest School District does it's best with it's limited resources, as it is an isolated, financially corrupt school district. Budget cuts have weakened what this system and in response, the district had to make some tough decisions. They took away school activities and cut teachers, and even combined some activities between schools. I think that this will only make things worse. I believe that this district has great potential, but Penncrest needs to find a way out of this financial hole for things to go back to what they were. This district needs to spend their limited money and resources on what truly matters and what makes this district great- school activities and competition.
They are very helpful with homeschooling families and giving information that is needed for homeschooled students to participate in sports, clubs, and other activities. They also allow homeschooled students to attend school dances and afterschool programs.
Teacher know the whole child and create ways for students to be successful. Classroom environments are friendly and teachers keep parents informed through class dojo, remind, facebook. Students have iPads K-12 and teachers integrate technology throughout the curriculum to enhance student learning.
Penncrest School District is a relatively low population school district which a large attendance area. The district is located in northwestern PA and encompasses lots of rural areas. Penncrest is made up of three Pre-K - 6th grade elementary schools which feed directly into their respective 7th - 12th grade high schools. Penncrest has many passionate teachers and a tight knit community.
I loved how Penncrest School treated its students and faculty. The three schools were provided with many great resources. The teachers are great and you learn so much from them, they really know what they are talking about. I go to Maplewood High School, and I can speak about the level of diversity in our school. We have a placement house in our school district and the students attend Maplewood. Some of them are from Pittsburgh and some are from Philadelphia and some are grins Harrisburg, the diversity is pretty big. I feel like the district has prepared me for college as well.
Penncrest School District consists of a very tight knit community of people that makes it easy to make friends and feel comfortable in a learning environment. The teachers and other staff there are very dedicated to their jobs, and I found to enjoy my education at this school because of the enthusiasm portrayed by these teachers. The food quality could be improved greatly as I eventually transitioned from elementary school to high school by having to pack my lunch. Overall, I enjoyed my time in Penncrest and am proud to call myself an alumni member of this district.
I think that Penncrest school district is a great district they definitely need to work on things though.
I attend Cambridge Springs, which is a school within Penncrest School District. In my opinion the school district is awful. For example a lot of our teachers at Cambridge Springs don't even know the topic that they are teaching, I have had a few teachers tell me on the first day I am learning this with you so be patient. Another example is that the district bought us all iPads, but we cant use them for anything at all, considering they almost block every site on the internet.
I went to school here all of my life. It is a very good school district. I hope that it is still there when my kids have to go to school. I was not an athlete or anything but I enjoyed the wood shops and the metal shops that were available. I also liked the home ec. classes. I really think that is what made me like school so much.
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