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Pen Argyl Area School District Reviews

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It was a small school so you knew almost everyone. Not much to choose from when it came to course variety. Teachers were there because they enjoy teaching, at least most. Overall alright experience but would have liked to start at a more wealthier school for better opportunities.
Pen Argyl Area school district nestled in the blue ridge mountains of the greater slate belt area is a commendable school for there teacher-student relationships. The teachers are very dedicated to their students academic success . Teachers often gear the cirucilum not around standardized test prep but real world readiness. Within there cirucilum they prepare the student for there respective goal after high school; trade school, college, military, or employment. Teachers take the one on one initiative to ensure every students needs are met. I highly recommend this high school.
I like the view and that is about it... I like some teachers. The teachers I do like I have a very close and friendly relationship with. Other teachers can be very unorganized and unprepared.
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It's a very tight knit school. Great teachers with very active parents encouraging us to excel in life.
I love the small environment that Pen Argyl provides, it is on the top of a hill in a small size town and the school grounds are fairly nice. The staff are very friendly and are very personal as you get to know them better. The only thing I would change would be how some of the classes are conducted. This is in respect to the lecture classes like civics and AP calc. The classes are at the beginning of the day and since they are lecture courses you tend to want to fall asleep. I would try and move those courses to later in the day, but that is just my opinion.
Small school, but I have met awesome people! It's definitely weird to continue on through life's journey, but growing up in this school, I feel prepared to move on!
It's a very small school. Everyone knows each other. Teachers are nice. School needs air condition though.
The school needs to be updated everything is so old and needs to go. For example in some of the bathrooms, there are missing doors, we have no air conditioning, etc.
Pen Argyl High School is quite the experience, to say the least. It is a small high school compared to larger scale schools. Students can work one-on-one with teachers if they need the extra help, and teachers are more than willing to aid students in the path to a brighter future. The students are relatively kind and work well together. There could be some improvement in the atmosphere, though it could be worse. Overall it is a very laid back school district that welcomes any new community members.
I love Everything about it and there is VERY low bullying. It is a very small district but overall it is amazing teachers are very kind principles pay a lot of attention to kids.
I loved the student to teacher ratio and the atmospheres but not a lot of different courses offered.
Well coming from three different schools I feel like this school need a but of improvement as in the way they run things. As in They need to manage time better with kids who go to Vo-Tech because for the P.M . Class starts at 11.30 they pick us up at 11.15 and it's a 15 minute drive to the tech school. When tech is done for the kids who get dropped off at the high school they drop you off at the bottom of the hill the school is on which I may add is a pretty steep hill. The things nice about this school though are the teachers and students are friendly and treat everyone with respect. They challenge their students to do better everyday. The only thing the school could work on is time management other than that it's a decent school.
Over 4 years being here I have never made a better family within the school. The teachers are wonderful and my peers as well. No other school would have given me a better experience during high school.
Pen Argyl is a very intelligence based school. You must listen to the teachers or you will fail. That is not a bad thing as it might seem. It weeds out the ones who don't care about their future and they figure it out by failing. Pen Argyl is a great school with even greater teachers. everyone is nice to each other and everyone enjoys the school extra activities. The school is one of the best in the area. with Bangor and Easton around our school looks like a perfict pardice.
I like the organization of the website, and I think that the site in itself is a cool thing to rate your school and also see what other people thin of them.
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