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From my experiences teachers and students are very kind. Every teacher has their own unique way of teaching and none are afraid to get close with students who need it. The students do start fights every one in a while but other then that they all are friendly with each other and they get very competitive with school spirit.
I’ve attended this district my entire life. My experience with most teachers have been pleasant although a lot of the administration could use work. The only main time administrators engage with non-problematic students is at the start of the year at assemblies and such. Also I was bullied last year. I reported it and nothing came back about it. I also still have classes with this person. Finally, though there is room in the budget the school is slowly diminishing the arts program. Keep in mind all the failing sports teams have at minimum five coaches even though only one or two associate with the team.
Pemberton Township Highschool isn’t as bad as some make it seem. Most students are care free and understanding since it’s so diverse, not much bullying has happened from what I know. The teachers also care about the students as well, they push every single one to complete their assignments and push them to start a future for themselves. They only thing that makes Pemberton seem bad is because how poorly funded this school is. With the right amount of money and time this school could start more wonderful programs that could help future students.
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Pemberton was okay? There are good teachers and the work isn’t bad, but the students are too much for me. I would change how students interacted socially.
I have four kids in the district. They have never had many problems with peers. They love the teachers. Sports are horrible with little to no funding.
All and all this school and the teachers in it have really helped me figure out what I want to do with the next step of my life.
What did I like about Pemberton township School district ? I liked a lot about it , first of all I liked all the teachers that prepared me for the next grade above me and further on . Second of all i like all the sports coaches I had they guided me through everything that fell in my path they showed me the way through all the obstacles in my path and to never look back . That was probably the thing I liked most about pemberton the coaches I will never forget them and I will thank them forever for what they did for me. They treated me as if I was one of their own and that helped me a lot so thank you teachers and coaches from Pemberton township school district.
Pemberton township high school is a great school they have many opportunities for you to succeed out if the school. The only this I would change is the color and make the school seem like a high school not a prison .
Even though I am still a senior, my time at Pemberton Township High school has been wonderful. From meeting new people, and joining some amazing sports teams/clubs, I am glad to call myself a Pemberton Hornet.
My 2 years of attending PTHS have been bitter sweet. Teachers seem to have almost everything organized and setup for students but various flaws tend to occur on a weekly basis and poor student behavior shouldn’t be tolerated as much as it is at Pemberton other than that it’s alright
Staff and faculty are incredibly dedicated and passionate about student success. Many have higher degrees than necessary and mastery of a field that makes them passionate about thei subject.
The teachers love to work with the students all the time. It’s fun whenever there’s a school dance going on or anything the school does for the students. I would love to see school lunches to change.
My experience was alright. There are so many good classes and programs; however the students at the school aren’t so much great at all. Also some of the teachers at the school don’t deserve to be in the district as some of them bully students, and nothing is done about them.
All my life I went to Pemberton schools. While others might say different I’m glad I went to school here because they gave me my education and I decided to make the most of it.
At Pemberton Township High School you will have a great High School experience if you are involved ; in fact we have some of the best teachers in the state you will build the best bonds within your four years here.
Pemberton was a very good school to me and to many of the students I graduated with. Many of the classes I attended had amazing teachers and the classes that I took during my senior year definitely prepared me for college. My Anatomy and Physiology teacher was excellent (and also taught Honors Physics), and I learned a lot from my Western Philosophy teacher who actually taught following Drexel's curriculum.
Pemberton Township Schools offers a small environment where a close relationship with teachers and administrators are easy to form and you are treated like a family member not just another student. You learn in an environment where your education is most important to everyone in the building and everyone wants the best from you. I would like to see more Pemberton pride where everyone is happy about there school and positive in the school and student success.
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My experience at Pemberton Township Highschool was average especially learning what others have done in highschool. Pemberton is definitely smaller than most high schools near or around the area but I have made some friends that I will never forget and teachers that have helped me get through tuff times.
My experience at Pemberton Township high school was great I had an amazing 4 years and I’m sad to see them end but if I could change something it would be the guidance councilors they did not help me with my college journey as much as they could have.
Going to Pemberton Township District was a great experience because everyone is involved in sports and in curricular activities also community service and after school activities
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