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Pelham Union Free School District Reviews

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Great school culture and pelham is a great town to grow up in absolutely love it here. School spirit, clubs, sports, and academics are all important to PMHS so here you will get the full package!
It was an okay experience. The students are either super nice or bratty and obnoxious. The teachers are great though, they are kind and helpful.
My son did benefit from the education provided, but the lack of diversity was staggering. We started off with a rough MS experience, but it improved in HS
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Our experience in Elementary was mostly excellent, with a few subpar teachers, but mostly excellent and nurturing. The middle school has been the complete opposite, however. A stultifying curriculum that belies the sales pitch of the IB Middle Years program being inquiry-based and cross-disciplinary - the middle school is run by an ill-prepared discipline-focused authoritarian who has very little sophistication or understanding of child psychology. I do not recommend PMS to anyone who has a bright, curious, or "outside-the-box" child. If your child is a people pleaser who loves to follow directions and rules, they will enjoy their experience immensely. Otherwise, look at other districts.
Throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, Pelham's educational facilities are amazing. The open enrollment system offers great opportunities for people to challenge themselves in honors and AP courses that wouldn't be otherwise accessible for some. The teachers are always willing to help students improve and assist them with their work. They make the classes very interesting by introducing different topics with great enthusiasm. Teachers make it a personal mission to make sure we understand the curriculum that’s being taught and make sure the classes are interesting yet useful. They are also the ones who coach sports teams, so they don’t appear to us students as unapproachable figures. Instead, they’re more relatable to us since their involvement in our school lives extend beyond the classroom.
Great school district. Elementary schools are top notch. Excellent learning. Graduation rate is very high, electives are offered, many APs. The teachers have a lot of depth.
Most teachers are amazing and supportive however some just don’t connect to students, need re-evaluation. The food is not good.
I have been enrolled in the Pelham Union Free School System since kindergarten. From elementary school to high school, class sizes have never exceeded 25. In fact, my high school's graduating class size is around 200 students each year. Thus, teachers are able to give individualized attention to their students without worrying about completing the curriculum in time. Further, open enrollment at Pelham gives students the opportunity to choose their own schedules, without needing a recommendation from their teachers. This is very nice considering students have autonomy over their own transcripts. With regard to extracurricular activities and sports, the administration is very passionate about student involvement, and much of the student body shares a common interest in the Pelham varsity hockey games.
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