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My experience in Pelham high schools was magnificent ,I see a lot of kind ,in the school you can see how they treated like a family
Pelham City Schools is a fabulous place to race a family. I have children in the Elementary, Middle and High School. The teachers are fabulous and are always willing to help as well as the administrators. LOVE Pelham...not too big, not too small!!!
I love how involved our school is in the students, they genuinely want to see us succeed. They care about us as individuals, and they try and prepare us for what the real world will be like.
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Pelham High School was the first school I attended that I felt included and loved in. Coming from a school where I was bullied and disliked, I was relieved to have found Pelham in middle school and meet the amazing people that I’m lucky to call my friends now. As an upcoming senior at PHS, I’ve watched the school system grow and learn. There isn't much I would change about Pelham other than asking for more staff training with mental health issues. I find that my counselors try to help with mental health, but mainly focus on college admission and scholarships. As someone who struggles with mental health issues, I wish I could have had a more supportive and helpful staff around me sometimes. Other than that, Pelham is inclusive, active, and welcoming.
Pelham High School is an enjoyable experience and a great place to learn. There are many people here who are very kind and support the academic standards and the concept of overachieving in comparison to those standards.
I like that we have resources and things if we need it. It is a very happy environment but i wish there were more things for everyone to be involved in.
the education is wonderful, it's hard sometimes but that's what makes it fun and worth it. The food can be better and the bathroom are a little too messy, but overall, the school system is pretty good. The teachers help out in any way they can and help you understand the work, sometimes. Sports though, they can be better with some sports in training the students.
Pelham High School has offered me a diversity of opportunities both in academics and community. I am grateful for the broadening of my horizons I have experienced at Pelham.
pelham high school has a big diversity. In my opinion it is a very good school. There are many activities students can get involved in. The teachers are very caring and helpful.
Pelham high schools is a very good school with good classes, a good soccer program and an amazing band program. All of the teachers are very helpful and are very easy to talk to. The students are respectful to one another and there is barely any conflict. The staff is very professional and very approachable
The teachers are very supportive and help you when you need extra help. There are those teachers that do not help that much and give us a work load of homework every night making it hard to enjoy school but overall the teachers are amazing. The students tend to exclude people and think of themselves as the elite. Basically the academics are good but the student environment has an issue the city chooses to ignore.
great school. caring staff. i enjoyed the community. very clean. great vibes .. enjoyed my interactions with everyone i came in contact with. nice students.
This school system provides experience in learning and achieving goals in the most exquisite way. Many of the students come together as one to achieve goals and help their personal growth. Clubs, Sports, and activities teach student athletes perseverance, trust, and selflessness.
IT is a great school to go to. It has a great environment to learn and has great teachers. The academics are great because it is fun to learn and not able to be understood.
The teachers there are exceptionally helpful and engaging with the students. The staff care about the students and encourage them to excel in academics. They really do help prepare you for college and I am glad to have my education at Pelham!
I like it here .
This school is great! I love everyone who goes here and everyone is upstanding citizens and have good influence on the people around them! I agree with every decision that has been made in this school and all the punishments that have been issued to those who break the rules!
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Excellent academic offerings, strong leadership, robust sports and extracurricular activities. There are many opportunities for students to explore multiple career paths along with internship experiences for business and industry.
Pelham High School is a wonderful school. It ranks in the highest diversity in Shelby County. It offers a huge variety of courses from AP to career tech to fine arts; there is truly something for every interest. The administration and teachers are devoted to students and their success.
I personally am related to one of the school board members so I know and see how much work they put into our schools. I grew up in these school and all they’ve done is improved the education we’ve been receiving and turned out schools into environments we want to be in.
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