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A growing district that is progressing each year. They really care about bettering themselves each year and trying to figure out how to make their students succeed. I highly recommend any parent to bring their child here. The music department is also a huge plus, because there are many opportunities for it.
It was okay to visit, however there are flaws that need to Worked on throughout all levels from administration to faculty to student.
Peekskill High School taught me alot about diversity and adversity. I was permitted to excel and explore all kinds of areas of study. Since I graduated, I am pleased to hear of more programs that are geared towards sciences and technology.
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The Peekskill School District has served me well. I started off in Kindergarten in a Dual Language program. I had a Spanish and English Teach from K - 5th Grade. From 6th grade to my current 12th grade, I have been taking Spanish and I am now officially, bi-lingual.

The Teachers and Administrators go above and beyond the duty for us. I must admit, I did not always appreciate it, because I did not always want to work as hard, especially in my Freshmen year. The times have changed and I see the importance of my education, thanks to my parents and to my "village" in the Peekskill School District. From academics, to sports to our extra-curricular activities, I could not ask for a better district. Thanks to the Peekskill City School District, I am on my way!
My experience at Peekskill High school has been a ride with ups and downs. I have learned an amplitude of things from this school. Thanks to Peekskill High School and my principle I have learned that there are no excuses when it comes to doing what you have to do. My school isn't like other schools that have a paramount of resources and large funding. Though, that hasn't held me back because I have used to a full extent the resources they do have. For the future, I hope that school offers more advanced classes in math and science.
I like how the school is diverse and inclusive. However, I feel as if the school is in need of a renovation and needs to start using some more modern resources. I also believe that there should be a greater focus on academics as a whole.
I have very few complaints about the school, they’ve given me many opportunities to prepare for college as well as get help with my work so I can be successful. The only complaint I can honestly think of that it can be quit difficult to meet with guidance counselors because they’re always busy but that’s more of a small staff issue which isn’t even that bad.
Peekskill Highschool was definitely a good experience. It showed me diversity to some degree and te clubs offered broadened my horizons of what I want to potentially do in the future. It gave me the opportunity to be involved in the community as well as with my fellow classmates and teachers. I am thankful to Peekskill Highschool to giving me an opportunity that kids don’t come close to getting which is having a good education under my belt.
The Peekskill City School District for me have done a good job of helping students in Peekskill peruse their education and aim for what is best. The district is also doing its best to provide different types of school programs that students in the future can enjoy like the robotics class that has been in the high school and the Peekskill Science Research program. The district and the town itself has been changing for the better in the past 17 years. The people are very friendly, there are many places to socialize with friends, quiet neighborhoods, and a positive vibe that is rarely seen today.
As some may look diversity negatively, this enables students to be prepared for the real world. Peekskill offers Excellent Professional Teachers. It also offers great dual language program. School performing arts is very important and Music Matters in each school in the district.
There could be more teachers that push students harder in the classroom to prepare for college work.
I have loved my experience in Peekskill Highschool. New Programs are being implemented every year. Students are supported and nurtured to find their passion and excell in their chosen majors. Each student is encouraged and guided through the college application and financial aid process along with their families. The student body is rich in diversification which allows for a range of drama and performing arts opportunities and productions. Peekskill in on the rise.
What I loved about Peekskill City School District is that they care exactly what students want in general. They want students to excel.
I learned a lot while at PCSD from grades Kindergarten until my High School graduation from PHS in 2011. The academics there are great however there are improvements that can be made. The schools can use an upgrade and classes should be offered that educate students on what to expect in college and speakers should be invited to share their experiences with the students.
There is much Diversity within Peekskill City School District. The teachers are wonderful and there is plenty of parent involvement. Paying attention to the College readiness could always be improved by being more involved.
Peekskill is a great district that is improving by leaps and bounds with every school year. The teachers go above and beyond to see us succeed.
The best part of the Peekskill City School district was the incredible diversity. Since Peekskill is a small town you would expect the schools to be generic. In spite of what I assumed, Peekskill High School was very diverse, it acted almost as a melting pot of many different races, cultures, and nationalities. Above that, many teachers are truly passionate about student development. The development of students is not just academically. Many teachers actually care that students go on, regardless of academic choices, to become good human beings. This character development within the Peekskill City School District is a great way to teach young people that without hard work and proper ethics, success is limited. From early childhood education to postsecondary school students must be pushed and self motivated to achieve their goals.
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