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It was evident that the children and their safety/experience at the schools were of upmost priority. They took immediate action when the district was informed of the current virus. Their procedures taken and the way they organize test taking was very good and comfortable for me as a student. What I would like to see change is the strictness regarding clothing/appearance/hairstyles.
I would change the high schools college readiness because at times I felt as if I was behind and ill prepared for many college opportunities. My high school was very diverse which made it very easy to connect to people of my race and outside of my race. I made a handful of friends that helped me through my high school career. I also was more prepared by my teacher for college then most other schools. I made c connections with multiple teachers and staff that ill last a life time
The schools apart of this school district are amazing and offer lots of extra curricular activities for students to be apart of.
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The school district is student centered, focused on preparing them for college from middle school itself. It offers students lots of opportunities to challenge themselves through extracurricular competitions.
Pearland High School is a great school with very challenging academics and dedicated teachers and staff
Pearland ISD is a district that is very student-oriented and is determined to make the best school experience for the student and their families. Although, they may have a few bumps in the roads, they are always triumph through hard work and team work.
Pearland ISD has been an amazing place for my brother and I to grow up in. Education was always emphasized, yet we were always encouraged to have fun. Additionally the faculty and facilities here are beyond amazing.
Pearlandisd teachers tend to care very much about students and education. There are various teachers within the district that will touch your heart, but like any other school district there are things that need tweaking. Attendance as well as discipline policies are very strict leaving certain children in tough spots trying to make up for one mistake.
Pearland ISD is a great district. I’ve gotten lots of opportunities throughout my time here and it’s obvious that the administration really cares for the students. I’m graduating this year and there will be several things I’ll miss about Pearland, but I feel confident that I’m prepared for wherever my life will take me.
Special Education support is way better now. Dawson High School teachers and support staff are excellent. They strive to help student and prepare them to succeed with life skills. It all about limit budget from the state; however, I think they did a good job managing the money. There is still a lots of politic going on at the school board level and the board does not represent the diversity of the student body
Pearland allowed be to be an expressive and assertive student. I was allowed to be myself and gain knowledge about be true to one owns identity. A very diverse district, I was exposed to different cultures and students that helped me to know and gain appreciation of this enormous world. A melting pot of wonderful people, who just like me wanting a better life and future.
over all, it is an amazing district but they can still find ways to do better. The district as a whole should take more pride in our mental health and stop only focusing on our grades.
Pearland ISD is a great school district anyone would be lucky to attend. Most teachers are amazing at what they do, and we have good programs to get ahead on college courses. The school spirit is the highest you’ll ever see and is fun to partake in. Overall, I enjoy the school district I am in and am lucky to have gone through high school there.
Overall, my experience at Pearland Independent School District as been very good. My education was good quality, however there were some teachers that I have wondered about how they were allowed to teach in the first place. The administration was average; some days they were straight to the point and effective and other days, they were not. There were some situations that could've been better handled, but overall the district has been fine.
I like the staff and outstanding academics pearland isd provides. If I were to change anything it would be about the sports and the cafeteria food.
Pearland isd should focus more about the students safety when it comes to certain situations. They tend to pick and choose when they want to enforce safety guidelines. They also should inform students more about AP and DC classes and which one will benefit that student
Pearland ISD is a district full of intelligence, friends, diversity, safety, competition and helpful. Its a place where your kids will make long-lasting friends, many different places to have family time.
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Pearland Independent School District is a very professional, respected school district that cares about its students' success and safety. All of the schools are geared towards preparing their students for college. Starting in the fifth grade, each class was labeled as a college to represent when competing or going to pep rallies. They always kept college fresh in our minds.
I want them to focus on students' mental health. They also need to focus on their students' safety, especially in recent events of the weather. They need to put their students first. PearlandISD is a very small school district compared to the surrounding districts. The divide between their two high schools is very large and competitive.
Academically, there was never a year I did not feel like i was not prepared for. Not only did my teachers help me understand their class and curriculum, they helped prepare me for my courses for the next year. There is a lot of diversity in the schools and everyone treats each other equally as they should.
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