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Pearl City Community Unit School District No. 200 Reviews

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Because of its small size, the Pearl City CUSD has a family atmosphere. Everybody knows everybody, and you can actually get things done.
Pearl City School has very good teachers who work hard everyday to prepare students for college. Their teachers also work to make students better human beings in general. Pearl City also has a variety of activites, so most students can find an extracurricular activity should they choose. Pearl City does not offer classes that fit most of the student's needs (what they would like to do after college) like mechanic classes or welding classes. I think if Pearl City School could add those as elective classes or try to offer them another way, more students would be interested and sign up.
Well I am a Senior at Pearl City High School but I have gone their my whole life and you have small classes and you know everyone in your class and we have college classes as part of your normal day like Statistics but it really prepares you for college.
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Most of the teacher at Pearl City really care about you and what to see move forward and try to help you in whatever why they can.
I loved my time attending Pearl City High School, it was a great environment to learn in with small class sizes and teachers to actually cared about how we were doing in the class.
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