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Paul Public Charter Schools Reviews

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What I like the most about Paul public charter school is that it is fun and you can make lots of friends but some people stay in groups that breaks and some that don’t break. I would change these groups around because people don’t always have to be with that group.
Paul public charter school is a great school to attend when wanting your child to become diverse and prepared for college. Paul PCS Is has an accessible amount of resources and teachers/staff that will help you get them. Paul public charter school is a small school meaning your child will have the attention they need. No matter what class you are in there are at least two teachers available at all times. We have our principle,Vice Principal, and even ceo That are willing to sit in class and be hands on with the students. I Believe like any other schools there will be problems however when there are problems at Paul the staff really listens so they can make a difference. Paul does a great job when teaching us about unity ,friendship and what to expect in the real world.
I enjoyed my time at Paul public Charter school, i did not really enjoy the strict Uniform policy but i understood the reason for it. What id really like to see change in is the food.The food is slowly getting better but its not where its supposed to be.As students, We don't always have the chance to eat breakfast before we leave our homes so school breakfast has to be good and healthy to keep the students focused in the classrooms.
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I would like for Paul to raise money and improve their college readiness. Such as more labs, more honors programs etc...
I appreciated the culture that the school instilled in me. I was able to enjoy my time there. It was fun, the work wasn’t really up to par with what I should’ve been receiving as preparation for college but it was work nonetheless. Once you find those few teachers that really care for you, then that is when your experience will be far more enjoyable.
Great school and great staff. It has improved since I was last there but every year is different. Always expect the unexpected.
Paul has a lot of flaws but they are strict in academics and that is what makes Paul a good school. The teachers at Paul invest time into the students by making sure they understand everything that is going on. Paul create ways and programs for students that learn at a different pace, which makes them feel more comfortable in class. They have several opportunities for students to be prepared such as homework centers, and tutoring. Also, they are strict when it comes to completing school work and making sure that it is to the student full potential. I have learn a lot from going to Paul and I don’t think that I would have chosen another school.
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