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Pattonville R-III School District Reviews

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Awesome school district, the teachers are always really friendly and understanding. They also provide an excellent Computer Science program and IT classes (iLearn). The staff are also great. Administrators can sometimes be frustrating but they do always try to help when they can.
I have loved going to Pattonville for my entire school career. Pattonville is a great school district and it has helped me prepare for the future in many ways!
What I like about Pattonville is all the opportunities we have at this school. We have a bunch of classes to choose from and a great music program. What I would like to change however, is the graduation requirements. We are required to take certain classes that take us away from being able to take part in stuff that I am passionate about and still get college classes.
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Pattonville is a wonderful high school that has the best academics,faculty,sports,programs,food,activities,clubs and etc. Pattonville High School main goal was to make sure that everybody who attended that school left with a plan to either go to college, work, or school. Pattonville makes sure that you’re college ready. Pattonville has so many different options from activities to clubs. They have programs where you can get your license from. Pattonville even has a alternative school inside the school where if kids or failing, getting suspended, not discipline then they will put you there to help push you to graduate. Pattonville is extremely friendly school that wants everyone to feel welcome and they are very diverse.
Excellent school district offering so much! We are so happy with the schools and teachers. The diversity is so great for the students!
I have been a student since I was in preschool and I have had so many amazing teachers who constantly challenge me and come up with new ways to teach the material. Many teachers and administrators are Pattonville alumni which makes the community even stronger.
Since first grade till I graduated from high school, Pattonville was my District. Pattonville gave me plenty of opportunities to be successful. During my time in Pattonville they gave me all the resources I needed. Their class work was enough to help me push further and educate and be a hard working pirate. Pattonville is a great place to study.
My son was in Kindergarten the 2017-2018 school year. When the school year ended, I asked him what his favorite part was and he said "everything". He was challenged academically and enjoyed the extracurricular activities as well. Teachers, staff and administrators appeared to enjoy working for the district and were always very pleasant.
I've been in the Pattonville School District since kindergarten. This school district has great diversity and supportive faculties that helped me along my journey. I've learned so many thing while attending the district to help me on my future to attend college. I wouldn't pick a better school district than Pattonville. I really don't have anything in mind if I wanted to change anything the district is awesome. Well, maybe just one thing. I would change the lost badge fee policy because I was always losing my ID badge and the fee was $5 everytime I lost it. I think badge replacements should free. I lost my badge atleast 10 time throughout my high school years so you can do the math on that one. Go Pirates!
Pattonville school district is a wonderful school district and I hope both my children graduate from pattonville.
Good school district, but can be lots of drama between students. Other than drama, it's a typical school district, aside from the increased use of laptops.
We couldn't be happier with Pattonville! It's a small district with big resources and a diverse student population, which helps prepare my children prepare for life beyond high school. Pattonville is forward thinking, and a true school community. Any member of the staff would do whatever they could to help a student or a parent, I feel very fortunate to be raising my children in the Pattonville school district.
Administration, staff, teachers above the best. School with a vision to continue looking for new ways to teach our kids. To bring out the best education for every student, prepare them for each grade through graduation and on to college. Great support from everyone at the schools and District level.
I loved the years I spent at Pattonville. Most of the people here make you feel welcomed and make it feel like home. The more enjoyable they make school was what made it easy for me to wake up everyday the past three years.
I have 3 children in the Pattonville School district. We moved to the area with schools in mind. While they are a very good school district, you do have to advocate for your child. We pushed for gifted testing and were told our oldest did not qualify, but were not offered or told about challenge classes (a step in between regular and the "gifted" program by the school counselor. We only found out when our child's teacher recommended him for them the following year. Our middle child had to be put into extra math help due to state test scores. The extra class did not correlate at all with the current math she was taking and was a waste of time. The homework help did not have a math teacher on staff and our request for tutor recommendations went unanswered.
We liked the Pattonville district as they were always winning awards for excellence in Education. They also were awarded a place in the top work places in the St. Louis area which means their employees are will taken care of and enjoy their jobs and makes for better teachers.
As a student from the Pattonville school district, There are so much things you can do for collage, sport, and more.
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I attended Pattonville School District for seven years. I absolutely loved it! The teachers were great and cared about not only your academic achievement, but your life as a whole. All of the sport coaches were great and truly cared for their athletes and made us a family, not just a team.
The school is very diverse which I love. You have great teachers and staff who care about your learning. They even have a college counselor and a college fair. It is a big school so if your new, you might get lost but there is always someone willing to help. It's also a safe guarded school.
I liked the ability to be able join and do so much and still come back to an always changing environment. I learned a vast amount of skills.
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