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Patterson Joint Unified School District Reviews

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My experience with Patterson Unified School District when I transferred here in the first grade. The school district has always been fair to every student in every grade. They do there best job when it comes to providing for the schools.
Administrators block website and other stuff on youtube that aren't even that bad. I got sent up to the office for looking up something that isn't even bad. The school districts blocked stuff since I was in 3rd grade and since I am in High School they don't seem to block anything.
The teachers are caring, the counselors check up on students regularly, the food is not bad and there are different types of clubs to fit the different types of students. The one thing I do dislike is that the bathrooms almost always lack toilet paper or soap.
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I would like to change drug culture at PHS. I see too many students with potential succumb to the distractions that drugs such as marijuana and nicotine have to offer.
I am loving my experience in the Patterson School District. Everyone is personable and great to talk to. The School District is up and coming with many new additions to each of the schools. I do not have any bad experiences with the schools. One thing that the district should work on is having a better system with spending money on sports.
As a student in the Patterson High School, my experience was great, throughout my high school career teacher and counselor were always available if I had questions about grades, about college etc. They always made sure every student understood the lesson they were teaching. They made sure we understood the importance of education and why we needed to persuade a higher education in life. Counselor were always available if we had a question about college, about grades, or if we have any questions when it came to persuading a higher education after high school. Patterson High School teacher, counselors and staff try to make our high school years memorable until the last day. Without devout Patterson High was a great experiences in my personal and educational life.
What I like most about Patterson High School, is that the staff is more than welcoming. When ever I had a problem with something rather it was with school work or sports I could go to a staff member and talk to them about my troubles and gain useful feedback. Patterson's school district is pretty small compared to other districts, however the staff and many others go out their way so that way the students here at patterson can get the recognition that they need/deserve.
The staff and everyone is really nice. There is a variety of sports and clubs for people to join. I would like to see changes in the music room and more support for all sports.
Patterson joint unified school district has been growing and growing. With this growth they are beginning to put there students first. There is a real care for the students and we all appreciate that
Patterson High School should get the teachers to push all kids into becoming more academically involved in order to improve and boost clubs and the activities on campus and to connect the students on a deeper level with social interactions and progress them to take a greater interest in their academic future. The Administration should also constantly inform students of any test, scholarships, and college information, in general, to ensure any possible help for the student is not missed.
The PJUSD is full of amazing teachers and other members who really are dedicated to make a change in students lives. In all schools from this district, they have clubs and other ways to get involved in which a positive impact is made on, not only students, but staff as well.
Patterson High is a good school that strives to gives its students the best experience possible. It has a variety of extracurricular activities to choose from and has many clubs to choose from. The teachers try their best to interact and connect with the students to help them understand the material.
I have liked everything about this district. It runs very well and has had improvements over the years.
The Patterson Joint Unified School District is a great district to raise kids in. The technology is up to date for students to thrive in. Each school has good amount of resources for the kids to be put in a position to succeed. The facilities at each school are kept clean and accessible for students to use when they desire.
The experience in general is very nice as the teachers of more advanced classes are very well versed in their subject. Then again I'm an AP student so I only take AP classes. The only bad part of the school is how bad the bathrooms are as they are rather old and as such not the best.
Patterson Joint Unified School District is a wonderful district. It's students and staff are constantly working on how to make each school a better and safer learning environment.
The teachers are very helpful. They willing to go extra mile for their students. My teacher help writing my research paper. She give good advice for the paper. She point out I need introduce my paragraphs.
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I very much like the small community and how everyone knows everyone. And the campus was easy enough to navigate. I wish that the up keeping of the campus was a little bit better maintain but I do understand that it's due to the students. But the bathrooms could use work. Ask for the educational experience My overall experience was very good I like most of my teachers and I was supported and always told I could find help where I could find it for school related matters.
I have had an amazing time with teachers, but others don’t care about us. We are just numbers. The principal doesn’t care about us, and only cares about the image of herself, but some of the teacher work hard to make sure we succeed as a group. They work hard and make personal relationships with the students.
Patterson High School is very great towards it students and more has been done to improve the school.Most of the teachers are very good and help students not only understand the subject, but different parts of life. There are few things that I would improve. I would bring better food and try to improve the safety throughout the school Overall, PHS is a very good school and I have enjoyed my years here.
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