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The Pasco school district always puts their students first to create a safe and a great learning environment.
The things i enjoy at Pasco High school is the classes, staff members and teachers. A thing that i think should change is students being more involved in activities, clubs and sports.
Pasco schools do provide a great experience for all type of students. They help low income families with providing free lunches with their free reduced lunches, and teach students valuable lessons.
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It was good! The people are very friendly. And they care about there work and the children so much! They are people who are well planned and think about everything!
What I like about the pasco school district is they cared about children safety when the weather was bad cancellations were always accurate the teachers always cared about children’s academics and there life to succeed in the future they were like 3rd parents guiding me threw life so that I wouldn’t fall off trac and become the best version of me. They never left anyone out either you can Express your religion and culture without being bashed on about it. The sports were always fun to watch and participate in when they had school activities everyone was so joyful and always had school spirit. The resources the pasco school district provided was more than enough we had laptops and TVs and computers so that we can log in and get assigned assignments done and it was easier to communicate with the teachers if I had a problem at home and needed to contact them!
I liked the variety of students and teachers, all races were included and nobody was discriminated. Being a student in the Pasco School District since I was in first grade up until my graduation day showed me how good I have it in my community.
The Pasco school district would not change anything, as it is one of the best districts. It has very good programs for schools and many activities where they can participate and have fun. District staff is the best that can exist. Honestly, I wouldn't change anything because I don't feel the need to make changes in any field.
I love my school and school district, they’re all so nice and are willing to help out our Pasco Community so much! I am very grateful.
The Pasco school district is a welcoming and diverse community where education and extracurriculars are celebrated and enjoyed by all.This unified community focuses on improvement and growth!
What I liked about the Pasco School District is how caring they are about students' safety, education, and support they give out. From elementary school they had a program for parents to be involved in the students education. In middle school and high school they open the doors for students to have first grabs to advanced classes and running start programs, that lead them in a successful direction. From my experience, teachers in the Pasco School District truly care for all their students success. I could always rely on counselors at my school for help with college applications, registration and guidance. There is a wide range of resources that are made available for all students! There is even forms available for students who can apply for free lunch, and forms for students who need help paying off fines.
This leads me on to think that the only improvement the Pasco School District needs is to reinforce everything well that they do.
It was very well i felt very comfortable and safe as well as accepted for who i was and never judged
I enjoyed how versatile the schools are but I wished there were more programs offered that could later on help us with scholarships.
I like the classes that are offered. I don't like that my kids get a different math teacher for every trimester even though they are in the same class. The calendar for Pasco High is never updated. I like power school. I like the dual language program
Pasco high did NOT prepare my son for college. Some great teachers and counselors, but also some just there to get a pay check. Stop hiring relatives and give people with a good work ethic the opportunity to truly care about kids in the district!
Pasco School District provided all students free collage courses throughout High School. They also provided classes to help students pass the Washington state math test by having student do the ACT and collective of evidence to show that the student do know their math. Which shows that they care for the student to ensure that they have every chance to graduate.
Pasco school district is great! Have been a part of it all my life and I cannot say I would want to be anywhere else. Everyone is super nice and caring and it's a great learning environment!
The some teachers go for the money others like to teach. The sport teams or decent and clubs are all different and fun
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Pasco School district has a really great teachers that love to teach and help students, and are always there to support and be there for them to guide them through the right path.
Not all students and parents are treated equally among the school district. It is unfair that certain students in certain areas are not given equal opportunities to advance their education. In the areas where people of color/minority, many have come to realize that their students are not given the same programs, or equal funding.
what I like about Pasco school district is that they always but there students first. they want to see there students be successful and go big in there education. the things id change at Pasco school district is the head of Pasco school district she has caused some problems for some of our students.
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