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It has some brilliant teachers which will do the most possible to try and help you with whatever you are struggling with as a student.
What I like about Pasadena Independent School District is that although the 5 schools in it are competitive whether academically, or in sports, all schools are still close.
The school district has done a great job during the pandemic to accommodate to the needs of students virtually learning. They've provided tech support, technology, assistance with WiFi, offer curbside pick up for meals, and safety measures for those returning to school physically for the 2020-2021 school year. Overall the district dose a lot for the parents, the students, the teachers, and everyone.
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I loved the unity, and how they are willing to go above and beyond fro their students. I believe they would be more Organized, when it comes to certain affairs but over all their schools and district are amazing.
I Like science math, and other subjects along with the library but I wish they change the bathrooms at least.
I attended PISD since I was in elementary school, throughout my entire school attendance I was receiving the best education possible. The teachers were all very involved and supportive, aid was available if there was clarification needed. The district does an amazing job with notifying and involving parents. Emails, phone calls, and text messages are available to keep comunication updated. I felt I received a proper education through PISD and their staff.
The Pasadena Independent School District started employing a new online learning program called the connect program that they pour more effort and energy into than the traditional learning system which leads them to praise the success of the connect program although the connect program allows students to retake assignments and tests which won't prepare the students for the harsh reality that is college. Since they are allowed to redo their assignments and tests, the grades and ranks of the connect students are higher than traditional learning students because all the students are ranked in the same system. Once they begin college, these students will realize that they cannot redo every single assignment and test up to a grade of 100. This will lead to an increase in failures in college due to this new system of learning.
The district itself is very proactive in student and parent involvement, but their priorities aren’t in the right places. They are more focused on getting funded than student safety and preparation for the college and the real world.
I enjoy the diversity of this school district and the faculty and staff they put forth but I would love to see more involvement of their community and informing student about what is happening in the district. Rival district hold open and web casted board meetings and it would be great to implement in Pasadena. I would love to see it improve in academics and the choices for courses in the schools, the career and technology school is great but it does not allow for sports or specific extracurriculars anymore.
Great teachers ? A great experience my senior year , ive learned a lot and appreciate the memories I have made in this school and hope more students Who graduate know more than when they first walked in
My time in this district was a bit short but my experiences will surely last me a lifetime. My school had lots of school spirit and traditions that belonged to us. Teachers were helpful for the most part with only a few seeking bitter towards students in general. My school was also all about college readiness so that was a huge plus that helped me feel a much more confident and calm about starting college and moving into adulthood.
I went to many schools in this district beginning from second grade up until my senior year and i have nothing but good things to say. All the teachers and core values at each school were exceptional and outstanding. Always stuck by their expectations for students and lived up to their values and morals.
The most unique feature that I enjoyed about PISD was the diversity of students who attended the school. The diversity gave me a chance to meet and create friendships with people of many backgrounds and make me culturally aware of the world around me. I also liked the extra-curricular activites and organizations that were available with PISD. The extra activites gave students motivation to do better in school, help others, and become a leader. The activites provided gave me opportunities to explore myself through art, band, sports, and community service which really helped build who I am. I liked that PISD promoted and rewarded the students who did AP classes because it is able to strengthen the students aducation and separate those who cared and did not care about their education. One thing I would change for PISD would be to promote more tutoring services for studetns to get help outside of school. Other than that, there is not much I would change about PISD.
In the Pasadenaisd School district i have had the best memories of my life from elementary to my current high school. not only is it a great place to go to school, it is also a unique place to ask for help, guidance and for activities in the summer and in school.
PISD has been a positive experience and has prepared me somewhat for the next step in my journey to higher education.
I give it a four out of five star because, it has been a great experience. They are always trying to do things to keep your family involved, and they give amazing opportunities to students.
Pasadena School District works endlessly to provide their students with the proper resources necessary for success. Additionally, they have a wide variety of sports and clubs for their students to get involved with.
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PISD has great teachers and great opportunities for it's students. For the most part the teachers are great at what they do and the way they do it. Some of the schools with PISD offer the Summit Connect program, a program that allows the student to learn the curriculum at their own pace. I have been apart of this program for four years now and I have zero complaints. The program is advertised to the students as a challenge and I think that is absolutely correct.
Because Pasadena ISD does contain this program and option I know I am getting to learn the way I want to and the way I learn best.
I love PISD. I was able to join many fun programs such as a swim team and orchestra. I have also been educated in a fun and safe environment. My experiences in PISD has helped push me to further my education. I will be attending Texas A&M in Galveston and will be studying Marine Biology.
It's honestly pretty great. I graduated high school back in 2017 and it was the best school district I've ever been to.
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