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Great place to send your children. Teachers and staff are amazing to work with and go above and beyond everyday for their school. Having such a small community and everyone helping each other is what is so special about this school. I love that the younger kids get teamed up with an older kid for a buddy system. Pretty amazing things going on here!
They are all very nice people. It's a small town community and they are easy to get to know and talk to. I love being in small town Parkston, SD
Parkston School District is a small school that everybody knows each other. The teachers are nice, they want you to learn and respect. They genuinely look out for you. Safety and learning are the schools top priorities. Overall Parkston school is a good place to be.
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Going to school in Parkston has been a great experience. Teachers and administrators are always very helpful and understanding. They really go out of their way to provide opportunities for students. A few changes that could be made in Parkston include better lunch menu options and the providing of more college preparation resources.
I was at Parkston School District from Be-kindergarten all the way through my senior year. I had a lot of fun throughout my High School Career. All of the teachers are caring and willing to help you with whatever the issue is. They value their students a lot. All students have the same opportunities.
I enjoy the block schedule. The teachers really care about you and push you to do your best. It is such a small school and everyone knows everyone. This can be a good and bad thing. This leaves little room to find the right friends. You are basically friends with the people you are because you have no other choice. At the same rate, it's nice to have a small community of people around you who know you inside and out.
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