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I like how diverse Parkrose is. I have met many different people with different ethnic backgrounds and that really helped me become more accepting and open to new things and people.
What i love the most about Parkrose is the staff. They are always there for you. Their counselors will help you on your path to college.
The school is one of the most diverse high school, which made my experiences there also very diverse and quite enjoyable. Some teachers aren't the best at teaching their students and one that I know of was arrested during his time teaching, but mostly they are good teachers. Also, recently there was nearly a school shooting but fortunately nobody was hurt. It seems a school shooting is a more average occurrence in schools, but it's not average to be so close to one.
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Overall, I took mostly AP courses during my time at Parkrose. As a result, I had some truly outstanding teachers. The facilities, however, have much to be desired. The elevator only works occasionally, and you need a key or a janitor to access it. All of our art classes and some math classes are in a building nicknamed the "FAB," a small, humid building about a 6-minute walk from the actual classrooms in the main building.
I've been in the district since the 3rd grade. Very great district and the people in the community are great. The high school needs new math teacher though.
Overall Parkrose was an awesome school district for my children. There is definitely a sense of community built around the schools. There are a lot of very dedicated and caring teachers and a good offering of subjects. Unfortunately budget cuts have taken away many things like music and sports for middle schoolers. Foreign language at the high school level only offers Spanish which isn't very good especially when it is required for graduation. I really wish they were able to offer cooking/home economics, shop classes like wood shop, auto shop etc. because college is not for everyone. A personal finance class would also be good to help kids understand taxes and banking etc. Our family had a great experience there and I wouldn't change schools if they had to attend there today.
Parkrose School District is very diverse and is a leading site of AVID program. The high school and middle school buildings have been built recently and offer great amenities. The teachers and administrators are highly motivated to provide their students best academic and personal support and opportunities.
We may not have the best reputation due to our diverse and low income student body, but this school district provided me with all the love and support it could give. I attended this district from kindergarten to senior year, and I learned a lot from my teachers and classmates. I never once had a bad experience with a teacher, as they all truly cared for my wellbeing. I'm glad I attended this school district and I am truly grateful for all I have learned from it.
Parkrose is the most diverse district I've ever seen, and school spirit was amazing, especially at athletic events. Also, the teachers and faculty really care about the students and try to help them the best they can. I would like to see more effort put into academics not only from students but from teachers and faculty as well. I think graduation rates could be higher and more students would pass their classes if the district was held to a higher standard than it is.
Classes were large and overall hard to enjoy when you had to wait 15 minutes to get help on an assignment. Students were unwilling to quiet down and listen to instructions.
Parkrose was a enjoyable school as a kid. I remember helping build the garden for our elementary school and playing in it at recess. It's sad to see that kids now don't have the same things that I loved and enjoyed. There's been a lot of budget cuts in art within the Parkrose school district, I remember seeing my friends on the news when we had a protest over it. P.E. has been cut in elementary school, which I think is important for kids to release energy after sitting in a classroom for hours. Spanish was the only language class we had, it would've be nice to have another option. A proud moment for the Parkrose middle school was when we became a AVID demonstration site. Overall my experience there was pretty great.
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