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Parkland is lucky to have the money it has to be able to offer all of the programs it offers. I feel fortunate to be able to go to a school that can offer a diverse curriculum.
I loved Parkland High school, It was a very well established district with a strong reputation. The facilities were state of the art with strong arts and athletics opportunities. Clubs are found in abundance and there is always something to do at Parkland. It is comparable to a small college campus.
Great school. Plenty of opportunity, whether it be in types of classes offered or simply the clubs held at the school. There is always something to do.
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Very fun and large school! There is always something to do and someone to talk to! I always felt extremely welcome and like I belonged to something. The staff was amazing and was always there to help you with whatever you needed. Not a day went by there that I felt like no one cared about me or my learning.
It is a nice school district. The teachers are very helpful. The students are very involved in their school when it comes to supporting each other in sports and other activities.
Amazing academics strives to promote art but falls short in the shadow of their athletics. This becomes a shame when there are many artistically talented students that are underfunded due to a majority of money going to sports, mainly the football team.
Parkland is a beautiful school that’s blessed enough to offer a wide array of activties to it’s students.
I liked the teachers and the teacher aides. There was a positive attitude in the school between the teachers and the students. Our school has a very good program for those who want to go into elementary education. I was able to attend an elementary school to learn with a real teacher.
The teachers know how to let the kids have a good time and at the same time do work. It helps the kids know more people and explores new aspects of a school day. All of the schools in Parkland are very nice and so are the students.
For such a big district, Parkland has the care to guide each and every student on the path that is ultimately right for them. Each individual is cared for and taught at a pace that is comfortable to them and the prime education opens up countless doors to explore the world outside of school into future careers.
I liked the variety of classes I had to choose from. I was able to explore different areas of academics from the very new, advanced, hands on PLTW biomedical science program which has exposed me to things I would not normally get to see until medical school, such as two cadaver dissections, to their photography program which gave me the opportunity to take a trip to NYC museum. Parkland feels like a community and teaches you how to work with many different types of people.
The structure of the school district was a failure for me as a student with Asperger's. Other students with disabilities are at risk until huge changes are made.

* The HS passing time was never increased from the old building (OMS) and thus the students are being hazed by having to run to classes. Not everyone can use their lockers because of time limits.

* The MS passing time was never increased after SMS was nearly doubled in size.

* MS students were hazed with designated locker stop times and were forced to carry a multitude of belongings at once with just their hands.

* I couldn't make friends easily because the importance of socializing is downplayed, such as with the study hall rules.

* Bullying was enabled by keeping MS students trapped at bad lunch tables with rules against walking around the cafeteria and by imposing an artificial limit on table capacities.

* Bullying by staff was a part of the culture. Other students then took it out on me because of my issues.
sometimes there are good and fun days and sometimes you want to just go home. the teachers can be mean. there is a lot of weird and annoying people sometimes.
Parkland high school is well known for how big it is and how large each graduating class is. I feel that it prepares you for the real world in so many ways.
For starters, I liked the commitment of teachers and administrators to helping their students succeed. Many teachers provided extra assistance to students who needed help. The only thing I would like to see changed is the time in which school begins at 7:40 am. In my opinion, I believe it would be beneficial to change the start time to around 8:40 am in order to allow students to rest and rejuvenate from their studies so they are prepared to learn again.
PSD allows too many students to fall through the cracks. Students with learning differences, challenges, and disabilities are too often crushed. There is a school culture and attitude that focuses and thrives on all the best and leaves the rest behind. Be careful, monitor closely, document everything, and speak up!
Overall, I enjoyed Parkland High School. The environment was great and staff was really helpful, however there's a lot of kids and the hallways are almost always crowded. Some teachers are really helpful and chill while others... not so much. There's lots of clubs and activities to participate in through the 4 years here. One last thing I have to complain about is the school lunch. It's pretty bad folks.
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Parkland School District has a nice environment to excel at learning. It also has a very active community in sports and in the arts both musical and and the normal.
Parkland has outstanding programs, (academics, athletics and the arts) and great facilities for all of those things. The staff is overall helpful and good at what they do. The one negative thing about my experience was the size of the student body. While it is possible, it was difficult to get one-on-one help from teachers and it made trying out for sports/shows/music groups that much more difficult.
Parkland offers a high quality education that used integration of technology to prepare students for college. It has unique dual enrollment programs that help students gain technical experience and even begin to earn college credit.
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