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We moved here when our children started school now they are about ready to graduate. We love it here although like any school they have their popular and other groups of kids. The teachers do tend to favor the popular kids as well as when awards are given they tend to give them to the popular kids too. But it is still a very good school with a lot of amazing teachers. They could improve some things like.... they have camera's in the class room yet the batteries are always dead when something happens and the video is needed. They really need to work on that.
We moved from a school of bullying and out of control classes. PC is a small school with high expectations. It is not"Perfect Chapel". Students need to be inclusive of newcomers. PC needs passionate science teachers engaging students with more than the textbook. It needs grants to afford robotics and chess, and classes on chemical engineering reflecting companies supporting the town. Its superintendent needs to be SEEN and HEARD. However, our child has worked up to the school's expectations; we are satisfied.
The community and economy is excellent. It is a very friendly and welcoming school. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good school!
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I attended Parkers Chapel from 1st grade all the way through high school graduation. I loved being a student there because it just felt like home. I cannot think of a single teacher I ever had who I truly did not like. The teachers treat their students like their own and truly care. I loved Parkers Chapel!
I have gone to Parkers Chapel from kinderden and absolutely love this district. Students are constantly being challenged to do their best and most of the people are extremely friendly. Our school is currently under construction to add an autitorium and fix up some of the old building. This construction will fix a lot of what was missing from Parkers Chapel and will just make this already great school even better.
I started attending Parkers Chapel High School at the beginning of my junior year. I've enjoyed going to school here so far. It's a great place to receive a good education and a great place to meet new students and staff members. I like how the teacher to student ratio is small and that the teachers take their time to make sure you understand the material that they teach. I'm very excited to receive my high school diploma from Parkers Chapel High School at the end of this school year. There are only minor changes that could make Parkers Chapel High School a better experience.
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