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I would like more diversity in classes. Such as maybe a new language class, or a computer technology class.
I am currently a senior of Parker high school and overall it has been a great experience the teachers have been amazing. They make sure you realize it’s your future your future are in our hands and that nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. The principals have done everything in there power to keep us safe and out of trouble. Honestly Parker high school has honestly shaped the human being I am today.
Parker High school is a small school located in the town of Parker. This is the only high school in Parker, AZ. Overall the administration is helpful and passionate about making sure there students succeed. If I had the chance to change something it would equal disciplinary actions. I believe this is a huge issue in all schools and students needs to be punished the same for their actions.
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I was a student of Parker High school. Yes it is a diverse school, but the education is sub-par. Our biology books (when I was in school) were nearly 30 years old. Not every teacher is efficient at teaching their subject. Many teachers seem to not care too much about certain students, almost as if they see someone near the bottom, and they kind of just want to let them fall. I was put in classes that we're more advanced than the classes I was taking at LHHS, despite them being on my transcript. And when my education started to wither during my sophomore-junior year, my teachers gave up on me. This is just my 2 cents on how I feel about Parker High School
Parker Unified School District is currently having a staffing problem. With teachers being forced to teach subjects that are not the specialty the children are not being taught as efficiently as they could be taught. With the common core curriculum the lessons are compacted in small sessions and taught for a short period of time.
In my personal view i found i liked how all the students of all mixed race got along, you don't find that in other schools, the staff could use some improvement, on their teaching and communication skills, personally i felt as if i wasn't learning to my full potential.
Parker unified school district has shown very little in equality i think this shall improve most people are treated differently.
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