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Park Ridge School District Reviews

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wish we actually recycled, mostly nice teachers, building is ugly and we cant afford new things, competitive academically, good sports
Living in a small community, I feel like everyone is looking out for one another. Even with small class sizes, the school district enables a wide range of classes and programs for its population. I feel prepared to continue my education.
It was a small school so I liked how I knew everyone in my grade as well as those in other grades, including ones in as low as 7th grade. I also knew all the teachers and was able to form close relationships with whom I enjoyed having. On the other hand, because it is a small school it gets difficult because the number of things are limited. For example, the number of AP classes one can take is limited as schedule conflicts are bound to occur, as classes either overlap with another class or are taught by one teacher who teaches multiple subjects. Because one teacher teaches multiple classes, classes such as AP chemistry and AP bio are taught every other year. Also, the number if clubs is very limited because of the school's size, as there is no debate team and members in each club are minimal.
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Park Ridge is a very small town. If you like small towns, where you know every kid in your grade and likely the school, it's a great place to be. Park Ridge is low key with good teachers. Not a fan of group 1 (small school sports) - no recognition.
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