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I liked knowing many people and everyone is nice. Some teachers don't explain well and it gets frustrating and difficult sometimes but that's life. The sports are pretty good. We don't have open access to the gym and weight room which sucks because athletes can use those facilities to get better. That can be improved. We just got a new Athletic Director and it's been working out a lot better and he is a great addition to the school and is going to do some great things.
Overall, the quality is high. The only serious problem I had was with lack of curriculum definition in a specific college course. Both the counselor and teacher as well as administrators failed to locate and teach from the specific texts the course was based on. This resulted in only two out of 28 passing the college test and those who passed did not get the highest grade.
The teacher gave A's and B's in the high school class to students who didn't even pass the college test. She and the counselor realized, too late, that they taught the wrong course. There was no way to correct this.
Growing up in a small town might seem like you are limited in the quality of education. Park Rapids Area Schools mad sure there were plenty of opportunities for all interests. Whether it be sports, arts, science, there were multiple possibilities to study. The whole town was interested in bringing diversity to the area and we all benefited. I will always appreciate growing up in the Park Rapids Area Schools.
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I have had a very good experience so far at Park Rapids Area school. The teachers are very nice and welcoming. I would recommend this school to anyone interested. The one thing I would like to change is the doors not being locked during the school day, because you cant get in from outside.
I liked having the early out days close to the holidays. During my senior year they implemented weekly "enrichment hour", but the catch was if you had a D+ or lower they put you into study rooms where all you got to do was homework. If you were passing all of your classes you could choose a class to go to for 4 weeks in a row. I did however make a lot of new friends whom were close to me.
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