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Park Hill High School has provided me with excellent preparation for college and life. Park Hill has excellent academic standards, sports programs, and internship opportunities for juniors and seniors.
Park Hill was a very good school district that offers lots of opportunities of courses that kids can learn. All teachers love educating kids, and work very hard to present numerous activities that allow hands on learning.
Park Hill has a great reputation for college readiness, and a fair population of academically successful students. But because of this fixed picture its very hard for students who don't plan on going to college to get by.
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ParkHill school provided a safe environment for learning. The parents were always received a call informing them of any danger or potential danger that lingered near the school. Teachers and administrators are supportive and encouraging to the students allowing them to try to put their best foot forward towards their education.
I was a new student in my senior year and I didn't feel very welcomed there. I had moved eight hours from my home and that was the biggest thing I needed out of a new school. I did really well in school, but the people were not welcoming.
I liked how the Park Hill School district supplied me with technology that would help me with my education, and make my studies more efficient and simpler. I also like how diverse my school is, which gave me the opportunity to make friends who are from all around the world.
My son attended grade school, middle school and some of high school in this District. The kids we're not allowed to run during recess or play tag because they were scared of a kid getting hurt. Really? Oh yeah and they played dodgeball with bean bags. This is no joke, but it should be. They teach to the test and like my son said my teachers only really act concerned because it's their job to. And sorry honestly with the high marks for diversity. The whole district is whiter than a trump rally. Just being honest. But at the end of the day they are still no Blue Valley.
I have enjoyed being a student in the Park Hill School District over the past 7 years. The quality of the school and education I have received is unmatched in the school’s in the surrounding area. I appreciate what my district has done to prepare me for college in terms of providing an ACT prep class, and offering a multitude of dual credit classes. My high school also does a great job of preparing us for after high school by meeting with each and every one of us privately and working with us to create plans that will allow us to achieve our goals.
I liked that the teachers helped you out when you had questions and were there when you needed them.
The teachers were good and overall I enjoyed going to school here every day. I felt safe and there were lots of activities to keep students busy and out of trouble.
I loved the Park Hill School District because they helped prepare me for college and help make schools extremely welcoming to new students
I really liked that the Counselors really cared about your academic success and pushed us to succeed. They examined several ways for each student to be successful and seemed to present a package that was personalized for us. I sometimes may not have seen the benefits of taking on rigorous courses in the earlier years of my education but understood in my Senior year how these courses helped increase my gpa as well as prepared me for college level studying. There are lots of teachers that showed how much they cared for my future instead of just doing what was necessary for me to graduate. The thing I liked the least about Park Hill is that sometimes it may appeared they were diverse but they didn't exercise diversity in my opinion when it came to certain programs or clubs. I observed this being done on many instances. Some of my friends were devastated with knowing they were the best for a part or a position but was looked over for other counterparts.
I liked the college courses Park Hill offered. These courses assisted me in receiving a better score on college entrance exams.
They prepared you well, but on some occasions they wouldn't take int account your individual situations and just group everyone into the same pool. Sports were pretty good though
Park Hill offer something for everybody. They have a diverse population throughout the district, support all areas of interest and abilities, offer a strong special education program, and encourage college readiness.
I think that this school is a very good school to open up your eyes to the real world seeing the diversity in the school. I think that the educational opportunities are abundant in this school from summer programs, sports, to internships. This school fits my needs for a school and provides me the materials to thrive. I think the only thing they need to change is the disciplinary actions and rules being enforced more strict on students.
I love the teachers and the learning opportunities provided in this school district. It has been an honor and a privilege being apart of it as well as the Park Hill Professional Studies Program.
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This district is completely digital from 5th grade on. Their filters and blocking programs do not work on alternate WiFi sources. The school refuses to allow parents to put parental blocks on these computers, and have made no steps to improve the security. Lakeview Middle school is ridiculous in their rules and what they consider to be unacceptable, and therefore punishable, behavior. Something that we would have done in school even 10 years ago is now considered assault (such as a thumb tack high five, or a hand shake with a shocker on your finger), and results in an immediate police report, months of probation appointments, and a permanent mark on your child's school record for assault. Academic wise, it's pretty good. The high school has many options for advanced placement courses, the students can earn college credit, and can take a variety of classes including basic home repair classes.
It was very good on academics and high standing achievements/statistics, however, there were not as many privileges and normal high school experience things. We didn’t have Mac books and our floors were covered with carpet, making it not seem like a high school.
Best school in the district. Loved going to PHHS for high school. I was offered a diverse high school education while also experiencing the average life of a high school student.
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