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I think that Park City School district is great at accommodating students with opportunities for them to engage with their teachers and other students, as well as their surrounding communities. I think that the environment at Park City Schools allow students to feel safe and accepted during adolescence. The academics provide students with a pathway for collegiate success and there are great opportunities for students to seek help along the way.
The opportunities at Park City School District are incredible. I attended the Park City School District since I was in kindergarten to my high school graduation and my experience has always been wonderful. And now I work for the district. The people who work in the district are wonderful and are always willing to help parents, and students.
Great teachers. Wonderful community overall. The district provides a first-class experience to students who are able-bodied and in good mental health. Students with disabilities or special needs do not get accommodations without a strong advocate working on their behalf.
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I have loved Park City School District. The counselors and teachers have been very helpful when answering all of my questions. I can take any class that I want because there are so many options. There are a variety of sports offered to students. However, I wish that the administration would listen more to the students when there is an issue with a teacher or coach within the district instead of ignoring the problem.
Park City High School has really helped me excel in my academics. I have access to all the resources I need when I need them and every teacher is extremely welcoming to help me with homework whenever I need it.
It has really good academics, lots of after school programs offered and AP classes. However, there is a major drug problem; I girl in my grade got arrested for drug dealing and another 2 kids died from overdose the year before. Not a great environment, good school it itself.
I really enjoy my Park City School District, it is a very nice and accepting district. There are many flaws like schools with cramped halls and bathrooms with no doors. All schools in this district have amazing teachers that should be paid more because Utah is the second most low paying teacher jobs in the U.S. I love this district and I love its teachers.
The teachers here are very involed but as a student you have to be willing to make a connection with the teachers.
The schools have free tutoring for students in multiple subjects multiple times during the day. They also value have up-to-date technology and resources for the students.
They have great schools and teacher and they care about the students. The only school that is a little crappy is the junior high school but it has to be tarred soon, so it will not be a problem.
Park City High School, Is an amazing school for some, but not so amazing for others. The education is great, it offers a range of classes you may not be able to get in other schools and their sports programs are amazing, that being said, it also has its downsides, like the fact that most of the student body is very clique orientated and isn't open to accepting new people into their group, and also bullying is a regular occurrence that is not regularly talked about. But besides that it is a very nice school.
I enjoyed my school career in the Park City District. The Park City High School very well prepared students for college. There were many AP courses to choose from and because of the rigorous work it keeps students grounded. There isn't a lot of diversity and that is seen throughout the community so at times test scores also reflect that. Administration does a good job at attempting to make she school environment safe for students, although that means that a lot of negative occurances are well hidden and unspoken about publically. Overall, I have enjoyed attending school in this district.
Park City school district is an "ok" school. They always talk about how they would like more diversity in their schools but they do nothing to help. Kids at this school are all sexist and comment racist jokes. Park City is a little bubble with no diversity and knows one knows what the real world is like.
In general, the academics are very impressive and the teachers have expertise in the subjects they teach. The facilities are great, and the district provides students with updated technology and classroom supplies. The support for extracurriculars is impressive. One of my only criticisms would be the lack of diversity, but that is mainly due to Utah demographics in general.
My experience in the Park City School District has been very good, I have been in this district for 8 years and I am so amazed by all the opportunities they offer in this district. I just started my 8th-grade year and I have had 2 opportunities to visit a college that best fits me. This district gives everyone equal opportiunies and allows eveyone to be themselves and feel welcome.
The main benefit of Park City is the available resources. Due to its location in a very affluent community, Park City has more than enough funding to supply good teachers, facilities, and technology for its students.
Park City High School is a fantastic place. They provided all their students with the opportunities and tools they need to succeed. If you are interested in sports, you have classes, teams, clubs and some of the best support available. What if you are more directed towards art? Be ready to be overwhelmed by the number of art classes and clubs that they have. I just wish I had taken advantage of everything Park City High School had to offer.
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I've been in this school district since pre-school and it has been a great place for me to learn. All the teachers are wonderful and will put in all their effort to help you. Of course the school district has had some bump in controlling some of the incidents that have occurred on school grounds. But, they don't stop to protecting and focusing everything for the students. The district also provides a lot of options for students to expand their knowledge, by giving us options to AP courses, Concurrent enrollment and PCCAPS. They are challenging classes that help us prepare for college in the best way possible.
Park City High School is very inclusive and the teachers are very involved and want to help with whatever they can. Parking lot needs to be expanded.
Park City School District is an amazing district but I think there needs to be more diversity. The district needs to be more welcoming. Also, I think there should be more school trips.
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