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Paris ISD is an amazing and well recommended school district for all students yearning to learn in a friendly, welcoming environment. The faculties and teachers that I have come to meet are so motivated and determined to get each student the proper education he or she needs. They work hard in making new goals each day and reaching these goals throughout the school years. I am honored to have been a part of this wonderful school district and have felt like an over-achiever each day until the day of my graduation. If they continue to fight hard, put in effort, and strive for greatness each day as they have done from the start, we will move mountains. PISD is already known for many of their students to have accomplished so much in education as well as outside the school walls. Not only does this district create warriors, but they have also created leaders who help others rise.
Best school district in Paris, Texas. The teachers are great. There are many different people from many different walks of life.
The education and learning material in general (at Paris High School) is one of the best out of the district, guaranteed, but I do wish it promoted UIL more.
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Paris Independent School District was a great place to attend school! I received a quality education and formed relationships with the friends, faculty, and staff that truly changed my life for the better. I participated in numerous clubs, performed in the school plays, and took numerous AP and dual credit courses. I came to college totally prepared and I feel that it is all thanks to the education I received in my formative years at PISD.
I would like to see change in teacher student relationships. Having an adult treat you like a failure is absurd.
My children have had a great experience at Paris ISD. I have never worried about my children's safety while they are at PISD.
Diversity beats all other schools in the county by far, but some teachers in areas are lacking. Positive changes have been made in spite of the high demand for such teachers.
The teachers were really dedicated to making sure students learn and understand. You could tell they actually had a passion to see their students excel. I thought that some of the administrative policies were a bit far reaching. The way punishment was dealt should be addressed.
I loved my school. There are many clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. The sports are good also. During my 4 years of High school nearly every sport has made it to the playoffs. Education is great, we have dual credit and AP classes so students can have a head start on college. Due to that students and their parents can save more on college. School safety is something Paris high takes very seriously. I believe we have the best school safety in town. Overall Paris high is ranked the best in Lamar county due to academics. My high school experience was wonderful. I will always remember the memories I was able to make there.
I love the teachers and the manner in which they incorporate different learning styles to teach their subjects. The administrators do a decent job, except when reviewing teachers, as they are often told ahead of time which allows even the worst teachers to be able to appear in good standing.
Good school district. Facilities for the elementary kids could be updated a school a new high school was just built but other than that no complaints
Paris High School is a very diverse school, both racially and in consideration of the activities and classes that are offered. The teachers at Paris care about their students greatly and they are not satisfied until their students have grasped and mastered the concepts being taught. I couldn't think of a better school district to go to than Paris.
What I like about PISD is the family like atmosphere. All the teachers and staff are always there to help they students, and it ous a very friendly place to be at in a daily basis!
The academics offered at the school are very good compared to how small the school is and how little money the district has. Some of the teachers are wonderful, really caring about the students. However, some of the teachers are way below par, not teaching the students to the level at which they need to be taught. Many of the teachers are simply unqualified. The schools also do not allow any kind of personal expression and have ridiculous rules that change every month.
My overall experience at Paris High School was amazing all 4 years I was there, I graduated in the year of 2015 . Teachers and staff was awesome if I could do my high school career all over again I would !!!
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