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Pardeeville Area School District Reviews

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Pardeeville schools is up there with the best in the country. Academically and Professionally. It has giving me an opportunity to do well in High School to further my education at the college level.
My experience at Pardeeville High School was good. What could of made it better would of been the guidance counselor involvement with students and better help with the transition to High School to College. The teachers did not prepare me for college, I prepared myself.
I like the size of tge school, it was nice and small and everyone knew each other. I also really liked the tech ed program. It helped me for the future. I hope the see tge program grow and get some new machines, and that's really the only change.
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The teachers were absolutely phenomenal! The engaged the classes in hands-on activities that encouraged a passion for life-long learning
Throughout the years I have been bullied by multiple students. It affected my emotional state and I soon lost confidence to be myself. Everyday I didn't look forward to go to this school. However, by the time I started high school things didn't look up for me. Then one day during my freshman year I met a group of seniors who befriended me. I was nervous they were using me for their entertainment but in truth they wanted a friendship with me. I was accepted and respected by them and I did the same. They were an inspiration for me to help others regardless of their nationality and gender. As one of the only Asians in the school I continued to gain confidence and I expressed myself easily. Teachers helped me through all my problems and I enjoy helping others. I hope others are as motivated as me to help others and continue going to school positive.
Pardeeville holds a fun environment in which bullying is kept at a minimum. School spirit is held as the second priority, behind academics. Teachers are always understanding and adaptive to each student and their learning process. Pardeeville Schools has done a great job eliminating racial, denominational / spiritual, and sexuality discrimination. The environment is happy and welcoming. All students strive to succeed.
My overall experience at Pardeeville was average. There were some teachers that were great but also some teachers that acted as if they didn't care about their students.
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