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Paramount Unified School District Reviews

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The academic and college counselors pushed many students to attend college and pursue their dreams of becoming the first person in their family to obtain a college degree.
I love my experience here in school, they really motivate us to go to college, especially to 4 year colleges.
I really enjoy being a Paramount High School Student. My family used to attend the school as well. I can say that there are many teachers who have pushed me to do my best. I believe they have given me the tips I need to be successful in life. Also, the school shows they care about where students are going after college. They give advice that is very useful and important to know. However, there are some issues with some teachers who do not explain enough or push the students to do their best. Overall, the school is very focused on helping students thrive and organized in doing so.
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I liked paramount unified because it was pretty involved with the students. They tried their best to make it a good experience and also to get the kids to get involved and be included. I also feel like most teachers are their for the kids and want to help not just to collect a pay check.
Paramount high school is great school and I’ve been lucky to have teachers who care and will invest in order for their students to pass. As much as there are teachers like that I feel as though the school office and administrators don’t take us seriously. They say we are adults and have a voice and as we as students who are stressed in making one of our biggest life decisions will be quickly shut down and told we are too young. The students not only asb should be heard. But an overall average school with room for improvement but not so bad in the end.
I like how they have a safe enviorment for school. The teachers are great and help the students out.
I created bonds with many of my teachers which also were able to engage me in the courses they were teaching. The classmates in my class all formed a welcoming and productive environment.
At my high school, They are very open to any kind of students. They are supportive like in tutoring for classes and for when the SAT test comes by. They also offer workshops for when seniors apply to colleges, scholarships, and for financial aid. They help and answer any question with financial aid and help consider colleges that they believe will be good to apply to. They also have lots of clubs for anything like drama club, and CRU l, a Christian club. They like to have field trips for students who want to go to college fairs or visit any schools for example USC.
Paramount High is an amazing school that offers students various of opportunities towards their academic success. It is composed of hard working teachers and staff who are willing to do all that is possible for the better of their students. It is also a campus that is welcoming to both students and parents. The staff are caring and helpful towards any concerns parents may have. My time at Paramount High has been special and I will always cherish it.
I like many things about the Paramount Unified School District. One would be how all the students a Paramount High School get chromebooks for their school purposes. All of the teachers are great and they really get you prepared for college. They care about your future and the teachers prepare us the best they can so we can succeed not only in college but in life as well.
I like my high school because they have helped me when i most needed. Also, they have good safety programs. Paramount help students to participate to be successful
They really helped me apply for college. I asked my friends from different school if they had help applying as well and they told me that they didn’t do I feel that my school was very helpful with and determined to get as many student to attend college
Paramount Unified School district is great. Parent-teacher communication. Student access to resources available. Teachers work well with students. Website available to see student progress.
I’ve never had a problem with sending my children to PUSD schools. The schools prepare student to attend and be successful at the university level or by learning a trade.
Paramount High School was an amazing school because thanks to them I'm going to college for free. They are really helpful when it comes to college by providing a lot of help during college applications and scholarships. They want every student to go to a four year university!
Paramount high school is a very diverse and large school. The school is passionate about serving the community and they have a motivational school spirit that makes everyone in this school feel like they are a part of a family.
Changes and improvements did happen, but after something bad happened. Other than that the school district is very good and pushes every student to go to college.
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I was in the Paramount Unified School District from K-12. Overall I think it is one of the best school districts. The number of students graduating increases every year. Currently there are 1,100+ students graduating from Paramount High School. The only complaint I have with the school districts is the way the handle (or don't handle) bullying complaints. Bullying is a huge problem in our time now I believe there should be a designated place where a student could anonymously file a complaint and the district should follow up on that complaint.
I liked the resources provided by the Paramount Unified School District. Although I feel that they can offer more to the students enabling them to become more involved with their community.
I had only went to this district for middle school and i really liked it, most of the teachers were really friendly to me and what they teach is very good.
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