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Paragould High School has helped me create many memories. I won't forget the amazing friends I have made or the incredible teachers that have helped me get to where I am today. Some of the teachers at Paragould are so compassionate; they make you feel as though you can do anything, and that you should set as many goals as you can. If there is anything that has stuck with me through my high school career, it is that nothing worth having comes easy. We must push ourselves to reach our prime. If I could change one characteristic about Paragould High School, it would be that all of the teachers should have the level of compassion and love as some of the others.
This school has some wonderful teachers and staff who truly care for the education and wellbeing of their students, but, just like any school, just a few employees do not share that same drive to educate the younger generation. Overall, this is not a bad school, and any deficiencies in upkeep or technology can easily be fixed with adjustments in funding whether from the government or private donations.
My experience at Paragould high school was good and fun. I think this school is great and more people should come here. We might not have the best looking school but it's still the best to me. I think we could work on getting more money to make the school look better.
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What I enjoyed most about Paragould High School was getting to experience education with some of my best friends.
At Paragould High School even though life may not be perfect it is a really good school. This is because every student is treated equally and each student, teacher, or facility member treat others with a good attitude.
I was in the Paragould School District from kindergarten to high school graduation. I truly enjoyed my time there and believe that it is a great school. I had several fantastic teachers, had AP/College course opportunities, and learned valuable material. Paragould School District has its flaws, but overall it was a very good place to be. I recommend this district.
I love the fact that we are a smaller school so everyone gets the chance to bond with each other. As a whole we have a huge school spirit and that is something that brings out the pride that I have for Paragould. We also have many dedicated teachers who put in more hours at school to better our futures rather than at home.
The pepole at the district are so friendly, students and teachers. The teachers are very laid back and some of them are very smart and easy to learn from. On the other hand, there are so many coaches "teaching" the classes. For example, this is my senior year and my English 4 teacher is a basketball coach. Okay no biggie. Well not once, this entire year, has he stood up at the front of the class and taught us anything.
The teachers are super supportive. The school is a great opportunity to get into sports and fine arts clubs. Paragould High School is a great school for those who want to allow themselves to look through a different perspective in life. If I could change one thing about the school, it would be the size. Paragould High School has many students who want to learn, but there is hardly enough room to move throughout the halls.
My experience at Paragould high school was better than I expected. The teachers are really nice and they made sure to help me with whatever I needed help on and they also make sure you succeed in the class. The campus is nice and comfy and you always feel welcome. I came into the school as a new kid and i felt welcomed right away. I didn't expect to make friends at first but soon enough I made tons. I recommend going to this school if you want to have a easy learning process and make good grades in every class.
I like the teachers and most of the students are outstanding , but would like to see a stricter police on bullying ...
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