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Paradise Valley Unified School District Reviews

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The school is great! Very easy campus to get around and the students have so much spirit. The District is very diverse and very spirited. It is important to be able to be able to get comfortable around students and I went there for summer school and was able to see how fun the class was.
This district is very nice and treats others with respect. The people here truly care about everyone.
I loved going to school here. Even though our major sports teams lost a lot, there was always so much school spirit. The staff actually care about students and their education. They are big on programs like anti drug, anti bullying and suicide prevention. There was also a lot of diversity there because the school participated in many different countries foreign exchange student programs. Mainly from Norway and japan. I met a lot of good friends that came to Arizona through that program.
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As High Schools go, Paradise Valley High is one of the best you could manage to get in our county, but that doesn't mean its oh so great. Sure, if you're going into the CREST program, our school has you covered. If you are, however, a fine arts student, good luck. Our school also has a bit of a 'weed' problem. Nothing too major besides that.
My experience at Paradise Valley is pretty good overall, the only thing I would change is the culture. However, the culture is pretty much unchangeable and directed through social media.
The community was fun and clubs were filled with lots of exciting chances to either meet people or travel.
Overall, the experience with Paradise Valley High school was pretty great, but the other high schools are definitely lacking in diversity and funding for both students and teachers.
My experience in the paradise valley unified district has been good and bad. The district is very strict on thing that aren’t necessary to be strict on and aren’t strict on the things they should. The school to which I attend is an amazing school but people of the community associates with it as a bad school but it is the children who make it bad. The thing I would change about the district is how involved they are in school problem instead of making them worst.
I am part of the CREST Program, Engineering. In order to graduate with CREST honors, you must complete a 200 hour internship. There is a great deal of homework over the entire 4 year program. Paradise Valley High School i s on Block system, so basically you will have 4 one hour and twenty-three minute classes the fall semester which equal a years worth of credits and then take an additional 4 one hour and twenty-three minute classes the spring semester. As a senior, I go to school for half the day and then work 2 days a week towards my unpaid internship.
High school were some of the best years of my life I am a proud trojan and will always be this school is a good school for all.
I have attended school in this district for all twelve years of my education, and have been provided with opportunities to get involved with my community. I look up to almost every teacher I've had, and feel that I've had a very strong education.
Overall I would rate Paradise Valley Unified School District to be average. I've had a few outstanding teachers who were amazing, and other who were less than mediocre. There are many clubs to choose from at Pinnacle High School, but some lack organization and are a waste of time. I also wish the food could be improved. I like healthy, fresh food and the options for vegan are almost non-existent.
I like the teachers, they are very helpful and engaged in their jobs. I'd like to see them help kids prepare for college better.
Paradise Valley Community College is a great transition from high school to a 4-Year University or to real life. Awesome.
I’ve been in PVUSD since since kindergarten (10 years) and I’ve never felt the need to switch school or districts because it’s so great.
In the Paradise Valley community, I haven encountered many teachers and have always been put as a priority as a student who struggles academically. I have established relationships with mostly all of my teachers and have enjoyed spending 18 years in the PVUSD district.
I love Paradise Valley Unified District mostly because of the stuff; teachers, coaches, security guides and etc. They all form a wonderful teach and provide a great learning environment:)
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I have been in the Paradise Valley Unified School District for all twelve years of my education, and I feel I have received quality education from the school's that I have attended. The school's I have attended offer beneficial academic programs such as I.B. and C.R.E.S.T. (Center for Research in Engineering Science and Technology). Both of these programs have shaped my education and made me into the person I am today. The district is also very supportive of the arts, which has allowed me to be part of choir, dance, theater, and present my art to the public.
PVUSD has many great classes and extra curricular. The environment is nice to be in, and the teachers are great. The safety has improved immensely and it feels like a safe place to be. Everyone feels welcome.
Overall the way they handle certain area is amazing and they offer programs that make college life so much better. They have decent pricing for a school but it will always be expensive.
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