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Paradise Unified School District Reviews

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I like the organization and teamwork of the teachers and school district staff. I would like to see more involvement with the students by said staff. There are strong connections between students, but few between adults and students.
I loved all the teachers, and some of the classmates. A lot of classmates are very annoying and do bad things like stomp on a electrical socket with a paper clip.
Paradise schools are some of the best in my opinion, I attended a few of them while I lived here and I did very well. Football is life on this little ridge and every Friday night you will see large crowds at the high school for the game, no much else to do on a Friday night in the little mountain town. diversity is lacking, mostly white people here, but other than that the schools are top notch. They would even let you take college classes at Butte college your Jr. and Sr. years.
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It is very easy to communicate with teachers and other faculty. If the student is motivated it is very easy to find help and resources.
While I was in Paradise schools I have been bullied and the teachers didn't do much about it and I wish that there was a better way to stop bullying.
The school is a great school. The curriculums and teachers are really well organized, and teach you what you need to know in an easy and quick way. The schools staff and representatives do a lot for the district, and really listen to the students and faculty. Could be a little more diverse, and the food could be better. The school is too easy to open, and it is easy for the underclass to get passed to the yard duties and other faculty members.
There are a handful of teachers truly care about their students however it was not a good environment for me personally
They have many great teachers, some of which also have college experience teaching so we are getting an advanced course. For someone like me that was beneficial because I love learning.
The school district is over all good. We live in a small town with multiple public middle schools an done public high school. Because we are a small town it is easy for everything to stay local and for the people to have a choice in the decision making process. The teacher population is declining therefore we are looking for more teachers but those that we do have are very kind and helpful. There isn't much diversity due to the small town vibe but there are a lot of very friendly people here.
I love my school. PHS (Paradise High School) Rocks I love all my teachers and hope to see them next year (Except Principal John Cristie.)
I had a great experience in the Paradise Unified school district. I began going to Paradise High my sophomore year of high school and was welcomed by students and staff alike. Teachers are so passionate and I have yet to have a teacher I did not like or connect with.
I love the extracurricular opportunities that pusd offers. I am a member of band, link crew, the rop class, CSF, soccer, and sports medicine. I do not support the home hospital program. I did not have a good experience with it when I was enrolled in it for a year. Ivhad to drop classes and went from a straight a student to one who was glad to see d`s on my report card.
I have enjoyed my participation on the football and wrestling teams. I would like to see my school upgrade the appearance of the school, restrooms and athletic facilities.
Hm. My school district is alright, my school, Paradise High School, could use some work. Lack of organization, no sense of community, not generally a positive place. That being said, it could be a whole lot worse.
I liked how involved the teachers were thoughout my years in school. I felt that they wanted me to succeed in anything I wanted to accomplish, and guided me through some difficulties.
Paradise High School has good teacher student relationships, students get involved in activities like sports and clubs
I absolutely loved my school experience within Paradise Unified School District. All my fellow teachers helped me greatly while getting ready for my college education.
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Paradise High School was a wonderful experience for me. The teachers and faculty are amazing. I started this school knowing no one and got to know so many people and felt extremely welcome.
My experience at paradise high school has been pretty smooth. I've never had any major problems or distractions on campus. The atmosphere is positive and upbeat. If I were to see a change, I'd recommend that they enforce their rules on the no drug policy and not allow students under the influence of drugs or alcohol in class.
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