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Papillion-La Vista School District Reviews

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Overall I have had a 4 year experience that I feel has given me the skill in order to be college ready.
Overall, I really enjoyed going to school in the Papillion-La Vista School District. It was very easy to make friends with both people who shared my interests and those who didn't. The teachers were very passionate about their subjects and cared greatly about their students. The schedule was Great.
I would've liked to see improvement in the guidance. The counselors weren't very good, but they still succeeded at their jobs which is what really matters.
At Papillion-La Vista High School I have had the opportunity to grow. My school offers amazing AP courses taught by experienced teachers. I feel comfortable asking my teachers for help. As a low income student I have have trouble paying certain fees like for dances, or parking passes, but my principal always has me covered. Staff is very friendly. I do wish, however, that we had more diversity. I am a small portion of the Latino community and bestfriend who is Asian wishes we had more diversity too. In the future I hope to see people who look me teaching and not in the kitchen or working as janitors.
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Papillion LaVista Senior High school, home of the monarchs, is an outstanding school. My experience for the past 4 years have been amazing. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. The activities, clubs, sports, and the academies here at Monarchs are one of a kind. I believe Papillion LaVista Senior high school is the best school around, because we have an amazing staff and students. Monarchs rule!
I love Papillion with all of my heart! I’ve been in the district for 4 years and it has only been a wonderful experience! The only thing that stinks is the 45$ parking pass every year. Kind of pricy don’t you think?
The learning experience is great! There have been some issues that were not handled correctly but there was nothing that I could have personally done.
My experience in the Papillion-La Vista School District was awesome. Not only did I feel accepted but I felt needed to make the district what it is. The Papillion-La Vista School District is by far the best school district out there.
I think the Papillion school district is amazing. The teachers are dedicated educators who care about their students and school. The supporting staff such as office administration, paraprofessionals and others are very helpful and kind.
I had an amazing experience attending Papillion Lavista community schools. i always felt like i was truly cared for in the school district and had all the tools i needed to be successful. I do think once i got to the high school level some things were based off bias because of sports and hope to see that change in the future but that did not personally ruin any experiences for myself.
Papillion- La Vista High school, is a great school. The staff is always willing to help a lost soul and offer an exquisite smile. The teachers care a lot about their students. From responding to emails quickly, helping students outside of class, and answering any questions. There are so many clubs at papillion to join and make friends. Papillio- La vista wants to make sure that all their students succeed. The proof is in the pudding, with a graduation rate of 97% over the past five years it shows how much they want their students to be the best that they can be.
This wonderful school district is all I have ever known. I am blessed with the opportunities this district has presented to me, and I wouldn’t have wanted my education prior to college to be any different.
It is a great community but the school tends to hire within families and for coaches not good teachers.
The teachers we’re good and very supportive. I feel like I had a close friendship with some of the teachers.
The teachers are very nice and helpful. They strive for the good of their students, however, some teachers baby the students too much. The world is not going to baby those students. Most students are nice but there's always those that lack discipline and home-training. Overall it's a good school.
Other then hiring some quality teachers they are horrible to work with. Very segregated and they care more about image then your child’s education and well being!
I loved the academic and college readiness aspect. I felt very prepared to enter college after graduation. I would like to see the quality of teaching improve in some aspects.
I really enjoyed my high school experience. I was in this school district since Kindergarten and I have no major complaints. The one thing I would change is that I would love to see more classes be available to students. There was a ton of fine arts classes, but not may classes for exploring education in computers. In the twenty first century the use of computers will sky rocket. Computers are the future and there should be more classes available to teach skills to be successful in this field.
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Overall this school district was excellent. I was enrolled through this district starting in first grade and will now be graduating through this district. I never had any problems with the faculty and administration. They always made sure you had the information you needed to move on with your life after you finished school, and with whatever your future held for you.
an outstanding school district. Teachers are among the finest out there and the administration has done an outstanding job of helping me along the way.
This school is absolutely amazing. Every single teacher and student is simply so real and kind. There is not a single place in the world with so many differing opinions but can still have respect and care for one another. The teachers here are simply amazing and are the reason that so many young minds will grow up to do amazing things.
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