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Panther Valley School District Reviews

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My experience with Panther Valley District is not very fun. The teachers are amazing to the students but the location is poor. Lansford is known for its over usage of drugs. They have people that drop out of school so they could be drug dealers or not do anything with their lives. My recommendation to this district is just like the constitution states, ensure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense. Your school district has the capability of being athletically a great school. With safety in mind, you have to ensure that each and every student in your school as well as your community is safe.

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a concerned citizen
Honest with you, I don't have any pride of Panther Valley High School anymore because I tried to contact alum students and they ignored me. I was say what the heck what they were two faced since high school to change their behavior and attitude. I decided to dump yearbook. I don't give a damn.
Panther valley is a small district where most of the teachers live locally and know most of the srudents personally. My experience as a parent and my children going from catholic to private was wonderful. It was an easy transition and my children were prepared and were welcomed to panther valley. All my children went on to college and they were well prepared for that next step in life.
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There is a lot about this school. First, there is a lot of overcrowing in classrooms. A lot of teachers have to cover other classes, aren't able to use their prep period, and aren't even in the school, so there are often study halls in the auditorium or cafeteria. Second, it seems that some of the teachers don't really care about teaching good curriculum. Although, there are teachers that really try and are really good at their job. Some teachers Don't even care what the kids do. A lot of students are able to get out of 'study hall' and hang in other classes, such as the music room. A lot of teachers Don't care whether or not you pass or not. The high school and the elementary school are very old, and outdated. Fourth, they have the bare minimum of sports. A lot of kids have to be on neighboring school teams, because we don't have some sports.
My experience at Panther Valley is a pretty enjoyable one. The teachers are all very friendly except for a few. The curriculums are interesting and would always keep my attention.
Horrible, was happy to be out of there. Got rid of many sport teams due to not being able to properly budget. Faculty did not handle disciplinary problems at all. Middle school guidance counselor hid that a girl was self harming from her parents instead of getting her help. Two people on the school board are in civil suits. Teachers are going on strike in May further with holding graduation. Ridiculous dress code that they only enforce on certain students. Failing test scores.
I appreciate the supportive teachers and secretaries, whom made my high school experience pleasant and manageable. Although, not many sports are available. Also, I personally feel the school has became overcrowded. Recently, the school system has removed the swimming pool and composed a section on for the seventh and eighth grade section, in the high school. This decision has resulted in conflict.
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