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Panorama Community School District Reviews

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As a parent of special needs elementary student, Panorama goes above and beyond to accommodate those that need additional assistance or resources. The teachers and support staff have been hands down amazing
It’s just turned into a school where if you know the people in charge, then you are fine, but if you don’t, you get screwed. Most of the good teachers have left for better opportunities because of this and honestly this place is going downhill fast.
I enjoyed the variety of extracurriculars the high school has for its size. I enjoyed the relationships with my teachers while at this school but I don’t think my education will properly prepare me for college.
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I love this school for the most part. There are small classes so the staff really pays attention to you as a student. Every year a few foriegn exchange students come here. I’ve made a lot of new friends that way. I can take Dmacc classes at the high school which saves me time and a lot of money. It is a very small but very clean school. Our guidance councilor helps each student prepare for life after high school. Whether that is college, work, or anything else.
Most teachers are very influential and good role models. Science and theatre departments are lacking.
Panorama Community School District has a great overall culture and they have a lot of really great things going for them. They also have a solid foundation and are moving in the right direction in many ways. The academics, especially their science teachers, could use improvement. However, Panorama does excel in sports, is very safe, and has other strong academic areas that prepare students for college.
I am a senior at Panorama High School and I would just say it is a basic high school. Our academics and teachers are not the best but I wish they were. Our science department is lacking greatly and that is what I am most interested in. So it disappoints me that I will not be knowledgeable in that area when I leave for college. I also think that the teachers here do not prepare us for college. They are pretty lenient with everything and I do not think the college professors will be like them. The sports and parents involvement here is above average. You will always see something about our sports team and parents helping out with the school and students.
it is a small setting school. small classes allow you to get to know your teachers and classmates. the education is set to high standards and students excel to high expectations.
Panorama High School is a great place to learn in a creative environment. However, I wish more clubs had been given recognition. Most high schools focus on sports, and I believe other clubs deserve to be noticed too.
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