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This was a pretty good school small amount of students which helped me a lot when i needed help in a class. There are many sports and clubs to join. Like robotics, baseball, Spanish club ,and basketball
More sports and extracurricular activities for the students. More technology options available. More student teacher and parent involvement
Here at Pangburn school there are many clubs and sports that support you in trying to achieve your dream. They show you how to become a leader and that nothing is ever out of your reach.
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Pangburn is a small backwoods school in between the Searcy and Heber Springs districts. The faculty does not care too much about the future of the students and the main focus of most funding is sports. Pangburn has one of the largest 2A school basketball arenas I have ever seen. The classrooms are built around it, as if they were an afterthought. Understaffed, short-sighted, and ignorant, Pangburn school is not the ideal place to send your kids.
My experience at Pangburn High Schol has been amazing. In my four years, I have gotten the chance to experience college and the workplace through concurrent enrollment and internship opportunities. The faculty and staff are very helpful and I have grown close to many of my teachers over the years. The clubs and activities offered have a variety of competitions that everybody is able to compete in, and the community service has given me the chance to meet new people and experience new things.
At Pangburn High School, the faculty and curriculum is steadily evolving. Therefore, the education students' receive is up to date and keeps up with society around us. Our instructors work toward making an improvement in the present to benefit the futures of the students attending Pangburn High. As I finish up my last year at our school, I feel well equipped to start the next level of my education and career. I rate Pangburn School District as excellent.
Pangburn is a Great School for your kids. There is no bullying and great kids. Its a small school, but that not a bad thing. Its very hands on, a lot of activities and club that you can participate in. Overall i think its one of the best all around school in around White County.
Amazing school! Wonderful teachers and administrators whose only agenda is what is best for each individual student.
I have had a very positive experience as Pangburn High. The teachers are on top of there job all the time. They sacrifice a lot to make sure we have plenty of opportunities and that we live up to our full potential. Our administration office is always working to update and improve our learning experience. The students here are very welcoming and keep the drama to a minimum. Its a pretty small school so everyone is like a big family. The only things I would change is the food and the fact that we don't have football. The food is not all that great all the time. Most of the time in the morning we get a pop tart of some kind of breakfast bread, as a active teen I would appreciate something a little more nutritional. As for the football thing, we have never had football. Our school board has never allowed it. I feel like in the south football is a part of our lives. We young man deserves the chance to be able to play if there hearts desire to.
They say that high school is supposed to be the best four years of your life, and here at Pangburn High School I can honestly agree with this statement. I am in love with the facilities, school spirit, and the amazing staff who are always there to help. We may be located in a very small town in Arkansas, but we are taught to be proud and creative. Here at Pangburn High we ambitious and will do whatever it takes to reach our goals.
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