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Panama Central School District Reviews

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I have been a student here since Kindergarten. Teachers are very helpful and become like family. The sports programs are some of the best in New York State. It has been great attending such an amazing school in a great community.
Panama is a very small school with limited opportunities. I would like to see the teachers better prepare the students for college rather then tell them “professors won’t put up with this is college.” I also think the sports are very political and the athletes should have to work for their playing time not whether their parent is a teacher or the coach to determine if they play or not. I’ve been out of school for 2 years and I hear from my cousins who are now juniors there that the school has gone very downhill. Other than that I think the student to teacher relationships can be very strong and lead to great success.
I like that all the teachers know you and are willing to help you when needed. They are always there for help and it seems that teaching isn’t only a profession but a passion they have. They treat their students like their own children. It is great to see them support their students at sporting activities both at home games, away games and when we have made it to state championship games. The teachers are also active in our community and local churches. I feel safe in our school and I also feel comfortable enough to open up to them about personal manners and know it will be kept confidential.
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Very small. Has a very close community and always support extracurricular activities. Not much to do but the teachers are always there to help and form good relationships with students.
I love how it it feels like a family here and everyone knows everyone which is nice, I wish they had more opportunities with classes but the teachers are great and very helpful
Very small school. You know everyone and it's nice to know your fellow classmates. Some teachers really care about the students education and about their lives. Clean, good school.
I truly love this school. It is a small school of about 400 students, k-12, and it allows you to get to know everyone. I have found that it really develops a community within the community. Another benefit is the small class size, you really get to know your teachers and them you, which makes it easier to seek help because they almost become family. I recently became an eagle scout and half of the people i invited to my ceremony are teachers and their families who I have grown close to.
Panama Central school offers amazing experiences for anyone going to school here; there are many different clubs and sports to participate in and lots of opportunities for its students. Panama is a school that makes you feel right at home because it is a K-12 school and you really get to know everybody here. This makes it easier for students to get help from their teachers and have one on one time with them.
This school gave me lots of extra help with my learning disability. They did however, make it difficult to get help in the first place. The superintendent was not pleased with dishing out the extra cash needed to help me with my disability. The teachers were very nice though and the class sizes were small.
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