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Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District Reviews

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I'd like to see more accountability of teachers' teaching quality. Teacher quality is mixed. Some of them are very dedicated and knowledgeable, some of them are very marginal and a few are quite awful. Their quality of teaching seems to not be monitored. Parents have to sign kids up for coaching or extra classes to supplement the lack of quality of certain classes. this may be a state wide issue but there needs to be a 360 review process for the teachers which link to the teachers' career path or pay. students participation in the 360 or random auditing should be implemented. Other than this, the district has excellent community support.
The only thing I liked in Palos Verdes were the views. The whole city is isolated from the Los Angeles county. Although most of the people in my middle and highschool are nice many are fake. The teens try and pretend to be something they are not. Bullying occurs behind many closed doors, yet the authorities don't realize it. As a black girl, my experience in Palos Verdes was hard and mentally difficult. It was hard to realize who wanted to be my friend either because they liked me or that I was black.
PVPUSD is a great school district. Not only does it allow students to grow and excel in their own ways, but it also provides students with plenty of opportunities to find their own paths to success. In my personal experience, many of the faculty and staff worked hard to make sure that I was feeling comfortable socially yet challenged academically. In the future, I would love to see other sports such as water polo get the same recognition and support as football and basketball do.
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Having been a part of this school district since elementary school, the culture has shifted from an extremely competitive district to a more lenient, student wellness-driven initiative. I for one, enjoyed this support but wished more opportunities were presented in terms of extracurriculars in which students actually cared and tried to succeed instead of simply for college checklists.
When moving to the LA area we selected PVPUSD based on its reputation. It has been such a disappointment. The reason that the scores are so high is because parents put their kids in after school tutoring programs. Teachers are not responsible for the high performance and the education received through the schools is good, but nothing exceptional. So why rate it as terrible? Because it creates an environment with high achieving students with no room or consideration for kids that are smart, but not willing to give up their childhoods to prepare for college. These kids are lost in the shuffle. PVPUSD will not educate your child any more than any other school district, but there are plenty of opportunities to throw money at tutors and academic learning centers that will make up for the gaps in education.
The nurturing environment at Peninsula has supported me for the past 4 years and I couldn't be more grateful. Amazing teachers, coaches, and administrators were there to guide me and were always helpful.
I have valued from the district’s inclusivity as well as their ability to offer a plethora of activities for students of all grade levels. The teachers within the district are also some of the most dedicated and caring individuals.
Good for academics and college readiness. Funding is not spread evenly across school activities; especially little arts funding. Could use less homework.
Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District prepares its students for life after graduating high school. I had the opportunity to take thirteen AP courses and participate and lead in over ten extracurricular activities. However, PVPUSD needs to update their school facilities and needs to ensure that teachers are teaching their students to the best of their abilities rather than having students resort to private tutoring outside of school.
I am so impressed by the competitive yet friendly atmosphere around PV. The students that I met in my first year were kind and smart and the teachers are overall very good. However, I think that the language department could use a little improvement in increasing their faculty or finding teachers that are qualified to teach a language, not just a foreign language speaking teacher.
Aa student of the PVPUSD, I can say that, just because we succeed in academics, doesn't make us perfect. My problem with the school is, it sometimes feels as if they put the academics above the students. Classes are too stressful, and no, I'm not just saying this because I don’t like to do work. PVPUSD has some of the toughest, strictest classes out there. Students are expected to have above average grades. They are pressured into doing the impossible, being perfect. The stress put on these students is so much that if a student starts to cry because of it, they are comforted by the fact that everyone has cried in the middle of class because they can’t handle school. And to be honest, students aren’t taken very seriously when reaching out about these problems. Sure, the staff at PVPUSD tries to help with giving out tips once in a while on how to handle stress, but deep breathing can’t take away the great expectations we are required to meet.
Teachers don't help students as often as students should really be getting one on one help. I have a brother that goest to Mary Star High and he loves it because there are fewer students in the classrooms and he gets more of one on one help. At Peninsula, they focus way too much on Academics and should be focusing on the person them self and what other extracurricular activities and volunteer work the person does to help out their community.
Peninsula High School has helped me find amazing friends as well as give me the chance to explore the different classes that are academic, artistic, or athletic. There are classes for everyone and the staff is very friendly and always ready to help any student. It doesn't matter what you need assistance in, the amazing teachers, counselors, and personnel will always be there.
Very rigorous schools that will prepare students for college, but many sleepless nights and overloading of work on students. Lots of competition which helps motivate some students, while other times it creates stress in students and hurts their mental health.
There are a variety of programs both academic and non-academic. You can find others with similar interests.
Palos Verdes Peninsula High School has a well earned reputation for being an academically challenging school. There are, of course, both benefits and disadvantages to this. I believe PVPHS has prepared me for the stress of college in a way that few other schools can boast. The expectations my peers have held me to have far surmounted any expectations I held for myself walking in to high school. That being said, there is an unnecessary amount of stress placed on the students at PVPHS, expecting them all to maintain a 4.0 GPA while taking a minimum of 3 AP classes each year. Mental health is often overlooked or brushed aside at PVPHS, and many of my friends struggled with managing their classwork, extracurriculars, and keeping a positive self-image. As long as you can find acceptance for your limits, rather than constantly comparing yourself to your peers, PVPHS can be a place where you can grow and achieve more than you once thought possible.
I like that PVPUSD works to put its students first and prepares its students for behind their district.
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I have been in Palos Verdes Peninsula High School for four years. I really loved it! I had been to school district for several times, and all the people there were really friendly!
It's a very good school and I recommend it due to the academics it provides for it's students. If there was one thing I'd like to see a change to, it would definitely be the funding in the music department. Compared to other things such as sports, music tends to get neglected the most.
My experience at Pen High has been great. Peninsula High offers a vast range of courses, clubs, activities, etc. for everyone and anyone.
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